July 4th

In the morning, we drove to a parking lot of an office complex and took a walk around the parking lot. We wanted to take in some sun and enjoy the gorgeous weather. We met a couple who was also doing the same thing. We wish them a Happy 4th of July and kept on walking.

As they were leaving, we were getting ready to cross the street and walk in a different parking lot. We ended up talking to the couple at a safe distance about the holiday plans and managed to steer clear of politics and we practiced social distancing. It was a nice conversation.

We took one lap around the office complex across the street. Then we headed home to get ready to go to my parents. I made buffalo chicken dip and off we went. When we arrived, we sat around as my dad grilled hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. It was a relaxing July 4th.

We took pictures by the American flag in honor of what July 4th stands for which is Freedom and Independence.

Lunch with Mama

While I was getting ready to leave my house, I got a call from the jewelers my rings were ready to be picked up. I missed my wedding rings. I have been without them for a week! It is too long. My mom and I went to lunch at a Chinese restaurant, and then made our way to Beaver Valley mall. We checked out the closing sale at JCPenney’s. Everything was still 25% off. I didn’t buy anything. We then went to the jewelers to get my rings.

They look brand new. I asked how often I should get them rhodium dipped. They said, some people do it every three months or every six months. I might just tie it in with the inspection and have it done every six months.

After the jewelers, we stopped at Party City because they are going out of business. I went straight to the back of the store to the Halloween stuff. I am very picky when I purchase Halloween decorations. They can’t look too cheap. I need quality when it comes to my favorite holiday! I found this plate, it is quality like porcelain type material, not plastic. It says “Bone Appetite” has a skull on it. I also bought this scare crow that is motion activated and it talks to you and pops his head up when you walk by it. I love it. I am Halloween obsessed.

Gym Day

This morning I was so lazy. We had busy weekend and I was trying to recover. Today is my friend Leanne’s birthday. We were going to go to the pool, but the weather didn’t look like it was going cooperate. I felt bad. I wanted to celebrate her birthday.

In the afternoon, I went to the gym and got a good workout in. I noticed you don’t have to reserve machines anymore which is so nice. When I was finishing up, I asked one of the trainers why they aren’t taking reservations anymore and she said, because we really aren’t that busy. I like it this way. I feel like it is more of a relaxing experience not having to remember to reserve a machine.

In the evening, we ate leftovers and then went to the store and got some fresh produce. We didn’t get the chance to go grocery shopping yesterday. It was nice to go to the store in the evening hardly anyone really there.

A Cookout with Friends

Once we arrived to Mike and Stephanie’s, I opened a truly and we just relaxed. Her kids are getting so big. Stephanie’s friend Robin was there with her children as well. Mike made some hamburgers on the grill, shrimp, and then Stephanie heated up some vegetables, and we had the buffalo chicken dip too as a side that we brought. It was fun to just all together. 
   After dinner Mike got a fire going, and then he set off fireworks. It was so fun. The kids loved them. Stephanie took some great pictures too. We didn’t stay too late. Father’s Day was the next day. 

Malls, a thing of the past?

On the way to Mike and Stephanie’s we were going to stop at the mall. JCPenney’s is going out of business at that particular location. Hopefully I would find some good deals. Then, we wanted to stop in at Kings jewelry and get my rings cleaned. 
            When we walked into the mall, it looked like a ghost town. I am not familiar with this mall ever being busy, but Drew said this mall was always packed. Malls are a thing of the past now and it is sad. There are hardly and stores open, partially because of COVID-19, but even before COVID-19, this particular mall just looked empty anymore.

We stopped at King’s jewelry and saw our favorite sales associate, Mike. He cleaned my rings, when while we browsed Penney’s. Everything was only 25% off. I thought there would be more of a sale. Anyway, I found some Exercison yoga pants and a top. Drew bought a pair of shorts, two polos, and some socks. When we went back to King’s, I decided to get my jewelry rhodium dipped, so I filled out a slip and they will call me when they are ready for pick up. I will miss my wedding rings.

I also found this one ring that I want for my right hand, but it is going to be awhile, before that is on my pretty little finger.


Pool Day with Leanne and Maci

Today, I hung out with Leanne and Maci. She is so big! I can’t believe she is going to be in 4th grade. Leanne made breakfast and then we went to her mom’s house to swim in their pool. It looked kind of cloudy, but we were going to try to make the most out of the day. While we were poolside, we played B94 for a little.

Although B94 may no longer be around for real anymore, you can still listen to it on the Radio.com app. I was loving the throwback hits of the 90s and 2000s. I much music from that time period of my preteen years to what they play on the radio today. I managed to get some sun by the pool, and I even went into the water and swam around with Maci. She had her diving rings, and it was asking me toss them in again and again. 

Around 3pm, we went back to Leanne’s changed, and then I got ready to go home. I was exhausted from the pool. We plan to go back again on Monday for Leanne’s Birthday! 

Celebratory Burrito

When we were getting ready for dinner, I left my phone upstairs to charge. I was so hungry and so ready to go to dinner. I picked up my phone and noticed I had an e-mail. I opened my e-mail and Point Park offered me the Graduate Intern position! I was so excited and so happy. I did have an interview with Carlow University for a Graduate intern position as well, but they said they would let me know at the end of the month. I talked it over with Drew before e-mailing them back and accepting the position. We decided it was going to be good for me and I should accept it. I wrote an e-mail back formally accepting the offer. We are going to schedule a talk next week to go over the details. I love a Friday hire!

Drew and I ate a celebratory burrito at Plaza Azteca and endless tortilla chips. It was nice to sit outside on the patio and relax.

I am so excited to start at Point Park University and get situated. The fall semester is my last semester as a graduate student at Pitt. I am so excited to be situated for the Fall and gain more professional student affairs experience.

Starbucks, Siesta Key, Gym

This morning, I got up around 7:30am got a shower, and then went to Starbucks. When I was in the drive thru, I called the dealership to confirm the free software upgrade for my car. We dropped my car off last night to get worked on today, and they said, that there isn’t a free software upgrade, the brochure I received was some information about my turbo engine. However, he said that they will replace my vacuum sealer? I don’t know he explained to me about the recall for the vacuum sealer and I said, “Jimmy, I so appreciate it, but you are speaking Spanish to me.” he laughed. I said, “I am all for you replacing it as long as it doesn’t cost.” He said, “No problem, recalls don’t cost.” When I got off the phone with the service at the car dealership, I called the Sewickley Y to cancel my 11am elliptical reservation, and keep my 1pm reservation. There is no way to cancel the reservation online.

At Starbucks, I ordered our venti iced americanos and they asked if I wanted a rainbow reusable straw? I said, “Oh yes please!” the straws were a $1 each. When I got home, I handed Drew his venti iced americano with the rainbow straw and he laughed. I said, “Now let me explain.” I told him the deal and how I didn’t have to add any money on my card, since I had enough on there already. I also told him about my car and how there isn’t a software upgrade, and about the Y and how you have to call them to cancel your machine reservation. It has been a morning so far.

Then I painted my nails, and I am watching reruns of Siesta Key. I cannot wait for the new season on Tuesday! I just love this show. I am going to head the gym soon here around 12pm. I want to get a good workout in because we are going to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner tonight.

Hopefully I will have more later!

Family Pictures

My cousin reached out to my mom and asked if we could send him any family pictures. A while back, I took the family pictures from my parents, and started to organize them and preserve them digitally, especially the super old photos. I I have this removable hard drive with the photos saved on them by year. I am going to do the same with Andrew’s photos. I am the family historian. I don’t mind it.

While I was going through the photos, and sending them to my cousin via text. I noticed a few of them were out of order. I spent most of the day reorganizing and scanning in the photos as well as sending them to my cousin. I use this app on my phone Google PhotoScan. I highly recommend this app. Open the app, take a picture of the photo you want to scan with the app, and it saves it digitally on your phone. If you do this pretty much all day with your phone, like I did, it is a battery killer. However, it is so worth it. I managed to get through the 90s, and I still need to do the 200s-2007, after 2007 all my photos are digital. There may only be a handful to scan in from 2007. However, it will be worth it the end. While I have the time, it is a good project.