What are you passionate about?

At CMU we have an annual event called Winter Week of Welcome. We have a full slate of events planned for the students. Today, it was Wellness Wednesday.

We had one of the meeting spaces in the main building designated as a relaxation room with Himalayan salt lamps, a powerpoint with peaceful images, and had mediative music playing. Also, in the room was a masseuse giving 10-min chair massages. Outside of the room, we had green dot set up at a table five out porcelain mugs, and informing passerbys about Green Dot and power based sexual violence. The SLICE office had a table set up with coloring pencils and information about “Headspace.” We also had giant 24×36 adult coloring pages for students to come up and color.  We had this company come who is called Wheely Good Smoothies. They have you spin your own smoothie. You pedal the bike and the bike pedaling blends the smoothie! I asked one of the guys working the bikes if I could please have a smoothie? I just didn’t want to work for it! They all laughed and one of them handed me a smoothie.

Towards the middle of the event, I got my first 10 min-chair massage.  I didn’t want to get up. I told her she could do that all day.

At one point in the day, one of the security guards was walking his bike through the all the activities, and talking to people as he passed by. He approached me and said, “And what are you passionate about?” Now I never have been asked that question. I never even met this guy before. I said, “Wow I don’t now. You know what. I am not sure.” I can think of several things I enjoy, but not really sure what I am PASSIONATE about. I said, “I am going to have to think about that. because there are several things I enjoy, and that I like, but I am not sure what exactly it is that I am passionate about.” I asked him if he was going to be at the coffee with the cops event the next day (because he was a security guard) I told hi mI would had an answer for him then.

That question plagued me all day.  Why was It so hard to give an answer?

After CMU, I went home got a shower, ate dinner, and worked on somethings for an event that is happening at RMU on Monday. I touched based with Nelle. Then I read for Ethics, and prepared for the next day.

When Drew came home, we chatted about his day, and his class. I asked him that plaguing question, “What are you passionate about?” He said, “My love for you.” I smiled and said, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that. I could have said that! My marriage. Of course that is one of the things I am passionate about, and my love for Andrew, but what am I passionate about? I thought about it some more and I thought authenticity. I am passionate about being authentic. I strive to make a conscious choice to be authentic everyday.  I strive to stay true to myself and what I want. Yeah, authenticity, that’s my answer.

That evening, we started watching the Netflix documentary series Inside the Mind of Aaron Herenandez. I am very interested in athletes and student-athletes are my research interest so any way I can gain better insight into them the good or the bad will help me find ways to help them and support them better.


First Day of my Last Year of Graduate School

Today, is the first day of my last year of graduate school. It is surreal. I am not quite ready to celebrate just yet. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done. I worked at CMU today until 4pm.

After CMU, I walked to the Petersen Events Center, and met with Chris. I helped him complete the Blue and Gold sheets, and we talked about the Spring semester. I am glad to be able to continue working with the baseball team. I stayed at the Petersen until 6pm.

Then I walked to Posvar for class. I took a seat on a bench outside of the classroom since I was a little early. I ate my salad that I packed for lunch. I was dreading this class. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did have the professor before she is good, but she is tough.

Once class  started, she said, “all you have to do to get the degree is write a lit review, that’s it.” She also said, She is going to be there to help us along the way and give us feedback as we go to build a upon. We are going to complete this using the scaffolding method. We have to turn in sections to hear by a certain deadline and she will provide feedback for us to go on for the next portion. This is so helpful. I was more at at ease when I left the class. It was a long first day back. The class runs from 7:15-9:55pm.

When we got home, I got a shower and went right to bed. I can’t believe tomorrow is only Tuesday…..

Magic Wand Princess Parties Mini Road Trip

I went over to Tracy’s around 1:30pm, and hung out with her before we got in costume. The Snow queen and Snow princess were headed to Slickville, PA. It was a bit of a drive away.

On the way to Slickville, I started to feel a little nauseous. Sometimes I get car sick. I had to crack the window a bit. I felt better once we were finally inside the venue and setting up.

One of the people at the party had an Olaf costume on. Olaf greeted us with a hug and said, “There are my friends!” It was cute.

We Tracy sang, “into the unknown” and “Let it go” while, I operated the snow machine. We danced the hokey pokey and the chicken dance. I truly have so much fun. The birthday girl was so surprised.

A little after 4pm, we left to go back to the castle.

When we got back to her house, we changed out of our Princess costumes and then went to dinner at the hop house. We try to get out once a month and do something that is not Princessing.  We have so much fun chatting and sharing stories. I princess again until February 23rd.

A Day of Research and Homework

This morning, I got up early and started to do some research for my literature review. I have some sources already, but I wanted to try to get a sense of what all I have and what  I still need to find. I am a little nervous about this process. Thankfully, the processor is going to scaffold us a long.

I took an hour break and got a shower, and hung out for a bit before I started reading for Ethics. I realized one of the books I need to read for next week will probably not arrive from Amazon in time. I ordered my text books on 12/19 to make sure they would arrive in enough time and with the holidays. The one that was still on the way was from a seller, who I guess works with Amazon. The seller’s name is RushLtd. Do not order any books from them.


Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker Review

This evening, Drew and I saw the new Star Wars movie. I am not a huge Star Wars fan. I am more of a Darth Vader fan, but he is dead. So now there is Ky lo Ren, who flirts with the dark side, but isn’t 100% dark side. He is annoying. Vader needs to resurrect.

Drew wasn’t impressed with the movie either. I guess there was someone else who took over and pretty much tried to fix and make whatever the other guy did to the last movie better. I don’t know I don’t know the back story like Drew does.

I am sure there will be another one. 🙂

New Year’s Day

This morning we both were so tired. We were going to my parents today for New Year’s Day dinner. My mom was making the traditional pork and sauerkraut. I was so excited. This is the only time we ever have sauerkraut. My dad is German, so she made him dumplings as well.

Dinner was yummy as always. We talked about plans for the New year. I also got to see my pups!

Countdown to Noon

Countdown to Noon

Today, the snow queen and snow princess were honored to be a part of Party Lane’s countdown to Noon! The countdown to noon is a children’s version of New Year’s Eve ball drop. It was so cute.

The snow queen sang to of her songs. I operated the snow machine. We danced with the children. There were 80 people in attendance. It was the coolest thing to be apart of.

At noon, balloons dropped from the ceiling. We all danced and celebrated the new year. It was so adorable.

That evening, Drew made me a delicious steak dinner. We switched back and forth between Carson Daly, and Ryan Seacrest’s New Year’s Eve programs. I am partial to Carson. He is my favorite and is a trademark of my pre-teenage years watching TRL.  We managed to stay up for the ball drop. We popped champagne and our neighbors set off fireworks.