Last Day at Pitt

Last Day at Pitt

Today, is my last day working at Pitt in the Sociology Department. I am still going to be a graduate student in the School of Education’s Higher Education Management Program. I can’t believe it. I have learned so much here. I met my co-workers, who are my lifelong friends Wynn, Jenna, and Nancy.

Wynn, has been my mentor. She has helped me so much in this role. Sometimes we just go for walks outside around the building and talk about trashy novels. She was in my part of my position before Sociology became part of the Social Sciences Division. She is a departmental coordinator in Political Science now but was still willing to help me navigate my position, and was always there for me for anything.

Jenna, took Nicolette’s old position in Africana. Jenna has her Master’s in Italian. She is so sweet, and eventually took a job at Google and left the University. She and I still keep in touch.

Nancy, has been at Pitt since was 17 years old. Nancy will be retiring in January. She has been so awesome. She was like another mother figure to me. She would say the funniest things, and would always say her computer does whatever it wants. I will miss her dearly. Honestly, if I was still in this role, when she retired I don’t know how I would be able to do this position without her.

Being the Academic Coordinator in this role has allowed me to meet so many athletes. One of my favorite faculty members in this department works closely with the athletes. Sometimes some of the well-known football players and basketball players would stop by his office. I would make sure to say hi to them wish them well, and even get a selfie with them. I made friends with one of the advisors for the athletes and every once in a while, I will score some tickets to the football and basketball games. We are going to keep in touch. I am so blessed and so fortunate. I guess it is like any position. You can make it yours, and try to enjoy every day that you are in the role, or you can be miserable and count down the days until the next opportunity. I tried in this role, and I think I did well, but my heart is not in it. This position is just not for me and it is not a good fit for me and my personality, but I will miss my friends, and meeting the athletes. I hope to end up back at Pitt one day, but just in a different department, and on a different angle of the University.

Hail to Pitt!

Happy Hour

Melanie, the Director of Graduate Studies threw me a Happy Hour after work today. I invited my Music Department friends, 2 friends from my graduate program, and of course my husband. Melanie invited the faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Around 4:15pm, Nancy and I walked to the Porch together. We were the first ones to arrive. Caitlin, a Sociology graduate student met us outside, and so did Professor John. We went inside and got a table by the bar area, and pulled two tables together. I sat next to Nancy. Cindy, an administrator from History arrived and had a drink with us. Then Andrew (my husband), pulled a chair up and he ordered a drink. He was my ride home had no choice, but to attend. Professor John, Suzanne (acting chair), and Melanie all had wine or sangria to drink. The graduate students on the other side of me, Caitlin and Ellen were in attendance and had a beer of some kind. Also, arrived are three new graduate students I was happy to see them. I thought wow how nice!? I leaned into Melanie and said, “How nice the new cohort showed up for me.” Melanie smiled and said, “They are new and probably don’t have any friends, or do not know anyone” and then laughed. I nodded and smiled. Yea, she can’t even let me have a moment. Thank you for reminding me of one of the reasons I am leaving.

All of a sudden, in walked Professor Johnson, from my Music Department days. It felt full circle! I stood up and hugged him. Nancy was getting up to leave, so she gave him her seat. I was so happy to see him. He said I have to stop by and represent the Music Department! 🙂 Those days feel like so long ago! He stayed for one drink, then left.

Also, my friend Julia from my graduate school program showed up, and I stood up and gave her a hug. She squeezed in and sat next to me. I  took AJ’s chair and gave Julia mine. We chatted about the program and the registrar department where she works. I was so touched by the people in attendance.

At the end of the happy hour, it was me, Drew, and the new graduate students. I offered to show them the building where they would receive their student IDs. We paid our tabs and then off we went. When we arrived at the towers, I told them that after Orientation, they will go there and get their IDs. I wished them luck in the program, and then it was off to home with my husband. One more day left in the Sociology Department!

When Andrew and I were walking to the car, I couldn’t help but just look up at the cathedral for a second and smile. I told Drew I think I want to stay on the Hail to Pitt side of things for a while. Ya know cheer on the Blue and Gold and be all about the Pitt panthers, be a fan, and a student. I don’t want to work on the faculty side of things again.

Lunch with Audrey

Around 11:30am, I went to get lunch with Audrey. Image may contain: Audrey Wright and Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, closeup and indoorShe is our facilities lady in our department. She comes around everyday empties out the garbage cans in each office and is such a wonderful sunny presence. She is such a sweet woman. I took her to lunch at Mario’s. I wanted to thank her for everything, and for just being herself. We ate wings and fries. She only had a half-hour to eat lunch.

After lunch, I went to Panther Central and exchange my staff ID for a Student ID. It feels so weird, but it is all coming together!


Dietrich All Staff Meeting

Today, I wore my gold name tag for the last time at the Dietrich All Staff Meeting. The Director of Staff, and Dean Blee talked about the initiatives last year and their goals for this year.

After the presentation, there were refreshments in the Cloister area of Frick Fine Arts. I got some coffee, a little bit of strawberry yogurt, and a granola bar. I stood next to Phyllis and Lynn. Denise approached me and wished me well and congratulated me on my new opportunity. I saw Paula at the meeting and we chatted about the new opportunity and how I need to make it over to Music and visit soon.

I walked back to Posvar with Phyllis and Lynn. Then I went back to my desk to work on some more tasks. I decided to call Melanie and tell her that my last day is Friday. She was happy for me. I told her that I will continue to still work on things for orientation and I will let her know where I leave off. I also scheduled a meeting with Phyllis for tomorrow, and Melanie and I planned to meet tomorrow as well.

That evening, we stayed home and got caught up on The Hills: New Beginnings.

Offer letter

This morning, I entered my office and turned on my computer. I did some tasks and answered some e-mails, and then there it was. CMU sent me an offer letter. I signed and sent it back immediately. I can’t wait to get settled in. I e-mailed my notice to the payroll coordinator here at Pitt. Friday, August 16th will be my last working day at Pitt!

For lunch, I went with Nancy to get Chinese. I got an order of vegetable fried rice. We walked back to the department and ate in the kitchen. We talked about my last day, my notice, and things I need to accomplish before leaving.

After work,  Andrew and I went to the gym. I got on the treadmill next to Erin. We talked about her house and the offer at CMU. She was so happy for me.

Clean, Organize, Laundry

Today, it wasn’t going to be as hot outside as it typically has been. We wanted to take advantage of a non-pool day and get the house thoroughly cleaned and organized. We started in the basement, and I went through some things that were just put down here. I made use of the shelves in the laundry room and reorganized them as well.

When we were done, it finally looks like a place we could entertain. We took some things down to the garage and had a few things to take to the garbage. I was proud of the results. All looks clean tidy. We need to work on the upstairs, next but that is a different day. I also got some laundry done. All in all, it was a good day.

For dinner, I made a hamburger casserole type of dish. It was okay. It is not the greatest dish, I ever made, but a quick and easy meal.

1st NFL Preseason Game

After work, I checked on the background check and it was complete. I was hoping to hear about an offer letter first thing on Monday, but I wanted to enjoy the weekend. We drove to Primanti’s again, we wanted to be among the crowd for the first NFL preseason game. When we arrived, the bar was backed and so was the restaurant area. We bumped into our neighbors, who lived next door to us. They moved towards Beaver county and now live by the Windmill where Andrew and I play haunted mini-golf around Halloween time.  They were so glad to see us. I gave them my new number, and we plan to hang out soon.

When we were seated, we ordered pizza like last time and had a drink. We celebrated the end of my background check and a forthcoming offer.  After dinner, we went home and watched a little of the preseason game. I painted my nails. I wasn’t all that interested in the game. I just wanted to wear black and gold for the Steelers!