Arctic Monkeys

This is my second day at Clear Channel!  The arctic monkey’s performed today in our performance theater. They had so many demands such as, French water and we could not meet all of them, but however we did get to meet the band and get a picture with them. Whip from 105.9 the X interviewed them.  They were not all that friendly. Whip was asking him questions and interviewing them, doing his job and they said, “Do you want us to talk or sing?”

Also, I reconnected with Tall Cathy we met once before. I love this job!

Backstreet Boys

Right before my first day at Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, my friend Kristen who worked at Clear Channel, as well gave me her tickets to see the Backstreet Boys. She had already bought other tickets was in the pit. I was jealous, but she told me she would send me a picture of Nick Carter from the pit. I was so excited to just be at the Backstreet Boys concert. I was originally supposed to go with Andrew, but I do not think he would have a good time with all the screaming girls and boy band music, so Anthony and I got there early.

When we arrived, we decided to upgrade our tickets to sit in the Pavillion instead of the lawn. I was so excited! We were close for a good price. I could make out the different members of the band and the music was awesome! Avril Lavigne opened and she did a good job, as well. Anthony seemed to have a good time. I got a shirt, as well. I felt so old. I couldn’t believe they have been around for as long as they have. It felt so cool hearing the songs that I played over and over in my room for years! I still have a crush on Nick Carter! Kristen texted me her photo of Nick Carter he still looks so good. Img_3650.jpg