Alicia’s Bridal Shower Meeting

Today, I had to go to Alicia’s house, for her Bridal shower meeting. I wanted to help make this day special for Alicia. I just had so much going on in my personal life, with starting a new job, and trying to be a good wife, who can pick up the financial slack in the house, but I was the matron of honor.

Andrew went to the gym and I went to Alicia’s around 2:30pm. Her parents still live in the same house, that she and I pretty much grew up in. Every time I drive up her driveway, the memories come flooding back to me. I can still hear the little girls, that we once were giggling and screeching.

One thing that never changed about Alicia is her inability to be on time.

Once I walked into the house, I fully expected her to be ready to go and ready to meet. Well, she was in the shower, so I played with her dogs until she came out of the bathroom.

Finally the bridesmaids showed up and we could get this meeting underway. We talked about who is in charge of what and how the games are going to work. We were excited for her and she was excited. It wasn’t that hard to keep everyone on track, but it was time consuming. I am a person, who takes control and wants to get things done. At the end of the meeting, I was pretty drained. There were so many ideas and still so much left to do. We sang happy Birthday to her (her birthday is in March), drank tea and ate cake, then it was time for me to go home.

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