Today, my mom and I spent the entire day running errands, and shopping. We had a small lunch, then we went out to dinner with my dad, in the evening. We went to TGI  Friday’s in Robinson, PA.

When I got into the booth, which is the same way that I always get into a booth, by sliding into the booth like a child, then I felt like something in my leg. I thought it was a splinter, or piece of wood or something. It did not hurt right away, and I didn’t realize that I did anything to it at all.

When I swung my leg around, I looked down at my leg and saw that there was a piece of something in my leg. It didn’t dawn on me, until I pulled it out of my leg, but it was glass. I had a piece of glass stuck in my leg. I immediately said, “Oh my God, glass.” My mom said, “What do you mean, glass?” I said, “Mom I have glass in my leg.” I didn’t feel pain, but I was definitely in shock. I took the glass out of my leg,  and pulled up my jean leg and saw the blood streaming down my leg. I got up from the booth and went to the hostess station.

The hostess ran to get the manager. The manager hurriedly escorted me to the back office, where we had to fill out insurance paperwork, so I don’t sue them obviously. He gave me some wipes, and a band aid. The manager said that our bill would be on him tonight, and he is very sorry for all this. I told him that it was okay, and that I did plan on going to med express after dinner to make sure all is well. He said, “Definitely do that.”

When I got back to the table, I noticed my leg would burn off and on, and I couldn’t believe this was happening.  I kind of thought it was funny. We had a great dinner! I called Andrew and told him what happened. He was shocked and so worried. I told him that I was going to go to MedExpress after dinner, and he said definitely do that and to let him know, what they say.

When we finished dinner, we went to med express. They numbed my leg with a needle in two places, and dug around inside the wood for glass, and then bandaged me up with a strip, and a Band-Aid. No stitches thankfully!

When we left Medexpress, I went back home to Moon, but I stopped for a 6 pack of Coors light, and Band-Aids, before going home. Once I got home, I texted Drew that I was home safe, and on the couch resting. He was happy to hear all went well and was excited to see me tomorrow! I couldn’t wait to see him. He was in Orlando for the IBM Vision Conference.