Dermatologist and the “C” Word

Today, I had my first ever Dermatology appointment at 8am. My mom was going with me. I dropped my car off at my parent’s house. Then we got in her car, we stopped for coffee on the way to Wexford. I was so nervous. I didn’t want to have skin cancer. My mind was racing.

When we got to the Dermatologist, they took me right back. His resident doctor was the frist in the room and she examined my face with a light. Then Dr. English came in and he examined me with the light and wanted to take a biopsy today, but he is pretty sure it is cancer. He has seen enough of these to know. He explained how important it is to wear sunscreen from now on, and especially since I am so young to possibly have cancer!

When I heard the “C” word, I freaked out inside. It was like someone punched me in the gut. I vowed to myself, no more tanning beds, and vowed to put on sunscreen when I go to the wave pool. They said I would know the results in about a week, but I had to wear a Band-aid until I got my stitches out. This was going to be an extremely long week!

After my dermatology appointment, mama and I had some retail therapy at Kohl’s and went to lunch, and then it was time for me to go back to my parent’s house and get ready for my interview with Bradford Schools, which I wasn’t even sure I wanted the position. I just needed something to hold me over in the interim.

When I got to Bradford Schools, I sat in the lobby. There was a woman sitting on the other side, and she had the same public speaker handout I had. Perhaps she was my competition. Then a man walked in wearing a business suit, and took the same handout,  that I had as well. I thought great more competition, and here I am with a bandaid on my face.

Nikki, the hiring manager escorted all of us to this classroom, where she went over the details of the position, and said that we cannot create our own schedule, she hands us a schedule. We tell her how many days we can work. They told us on the phone that we could create our own schedule, which was partly the reason why we all wanted the job. There were many inconsistencies in her explanation that day, compared to what they had said to us previously, on the phone.

One by one, we were pulled away separately to sell ourselves and for her to evaluate us. I was last. When it came time for my turn, I told her upfront about my biopsy, and she felt so bad for me. At the end of our conversation, she handed me a script and asked me to memorize it the best that I can and what time would I be available to come in on Thursday to audition? I thought Thursday, like Thursday! That is a day away! I said morning, preferably. She said, “9:30am?” I said, works for me. What did I get myself into?

When I left the building,  I went outside, and sat down outside of Buckheads and started reciting and memorizing my speech. My mom came to pick me up, and asked how it went? I told her and she said, Yea I don’t think you want that. Well until Pitt calls what am I to do? She said, I agree, but this job isn’t for you. Well that maybe true, but I need to do something until Pitt calls.


Leanne’s Surprise Party

Leanne’s Surprise Party

Today, was Leanne’s surprise party. Andrew and I went to the chiropractor first, then to the pool, and then got ready for Leanne’s surprise party at Caddy ranch. I had to go pick her up and bring her to the restaurant. I think she was surprised, even though Maci told her what was happening! She was surprised at the amount of people that showed up. I am glad she had a great time. I managed to get pictures of everyone, so she would have some updated family photos.   Andrew and I stayed until Dan and Leanne left, then we left. It was good to get out and celebrate her birthday. She has always been a very dear friend of mine.


First Day at McKesson

Today, I got to McKesson early despite my horrible anxiety. When I arrived, there wasn’t a receptionist there to help me get started, and I didn’t know my manager’s e-mail, or phone number, and it was too early to call Jason, so I just sat in the lobby and waited for someone to notice me (great start).

Finally, a gentleman approached me and asked me if I needed any help, or if I was being taken care of, I said, “Yes, I do need help, and no I am not being taken care of. “ I was honest. I told him who I was, whom I was here to see, and that today was my first day. He said, “Well welcome, I will let Charlie know you are here.” I thought to myself, Yes you go do that. Do my bidding damn it. What a piece of shit company.

Finally, Charlie approached me, and shook my hand. I smiled. He led me on my way to the kitchen to put my lunch away. Then to my cube, and introduced me to Melissa Sherman, who was going to train me all day. Then Charlie went back to his cube. Melissa sat with me and showed me how to do Doctor changes on her computer. She said, once you get the hang of it. It is really easy.” She showed me where the supplies are, how to categorize the e-mails according to who’s team they are on, and etc. I was a little overwhelmed.
Before lunch, she took me around to everyone and introduced me to the people on our team. I met this woman named, Lee. She told me she used to do promotions with iHeart and still does here and there. Her last event was the Marathon. I said, “Oh okay, I was there for a year back in 2014 and I did promotions, as well but I never saw you.” She was like, “Yeah…okay.” She had no interest in starting a conversation with me, so I knew this was not going to be a friend of mine.

At lunch, I called Jason from Volt, and I told him how these people were being with me, and how I knew the one used to do drugs, and these people were not my caliber. He apologized and asked me to try to stick it out. He will continue to look for something for me in the meantime. I said, “I will try, but I don’t know any of these medical terms. These people were are not friendly.” Well when I came back inside, I tried to stick it out, but the terminology was not something that I was used to, and the woman who was supposed to train me was too busy talking about happy hour to the woman who worked for iHeart. They were making sexual references about people as well. I still had questions, but I did not ask them because what did it matter anyway. She didn’t seem open to answering them, either. We got to take a break at 3:30pm. I called Jason and said this is not going to work, well he said the same thing to me. I guess apparently they want someone with more experience with the medical terms, and today was going to be my last day. I was completely fine with that! I just felt bad for Drew. I am going to be back to being unemployed, oh well this was bullshit.

Father’s Day 2016

Father’s Day 2016

img_2788.jpgToday, was Father’s Day. We planned to take my dad to lunch at Primanti’s. Dads ate free! As you can see I was so burned.

After lunch, we went to Aliquippa to see his dad. Tommy was there and was hungover. When he left, we went shooting at a gun range in Marshall Township. I have not been shooting since I was 17. I was nervous. Walking up to the range, and hearing all the gunfire. It is unnerving. His dad made a comment saying, “I feel like I am back home in Aliquippa.” Yes, it was a little funny, but I cannot help but think about how the people in Paris felt, or the people in Orlando; hearing all the gunfire. I do not know it was unnerving. I think I hit the target!

A Day with Angie

A Day with Angie

Today, I could feel the cabin fever setting in, and I called my mom for some relief. She asked me if I would want to go to the funeral for Helena’s uncle Jerry. I told her not really, but she said it would be good for you to go, and Helena would really like to see you there.

When I got to the funeral, my little cousin Angelina spotted me. My dad said, “You have been spotted.” I laughed. She became stuck on me like glue, throughout the entire service, and luncheon. The luncheon was at Rockefellers in Kennedy. They have a great bathroom mirror and lighting, perfect for selfies! We took some selfies, and a cute video of her taking all the paper towels! It was good to have some cousin time and to laugh.

After the luncheon, I drove Dorcas, Katie, and Angelina back to my house to see my town home. They did not get to see it yet. I asked Angelina if she wanted to spend the night and we would go to the pool in the morning. She said that she wanted to, but I had to drive her to Monroeville to get her things and bring her back tomorrow, I agreed.”

When we got back to Moon, I drove us to Giant Eagle to get some pop, popcorn, a movie, and etc. for the evening. Now to tell Drew that Angelina was staying, I had a feeling he would be okay with it, which he was when I told him. That evening we watched Minons, ate pizza, and made popcorn. Drew went to bed early, and I was getting so tired. I asked Angelina if she was ready for bed. She said she was scared and wanted to go home at this point it was 1am. I told her no way. It was 1am, and it was bed time. She begged me to have her call her mom. I let her call her mom, and Dorcas talked her into calming down and taking an Advil and that she has to stay there it is too late to go home.

Once she calmed down, she said I could go back upstairs with Drew, which I did. Just as I fell asleep, she came upstairs, and asked me to come downstairs with her. I turned all the lights on for her, let her keep the television on, and calmed her down again. She finally let me go back upstairs, at this point Drew was awake off and on. I told him to move over, so I could get into bed.

At 5am, she woke me up, so she could call her mom before she went to work. I gave her my phone and told her to go into the hallway, that Drew was trying to sleep and that he had to go to work in the morning. When she was off the phone, she handed it back to me, and I said go downstairs and go back to bed it is too early. She said, “yes ma’am.” She went back downstairs, and I got up when Drew left to go to work. I laid on the couch with her and we ended up falling asleep again.

Eventually, it was time to get ready to go to clean grandmas, then get Starbucks, and go to the pool. I wanted to relax and tan, but Angelina had other plans. I got her a raft, and she made me toss her in and out of the water. I think I tired her out. On the home back to Monroeville, she fell asleep. I thought to myself now you sleep! I cannot wait to sleep tonight! When I finally got to Moon, Drew was happy to see me and we were back to just being us. It felt so good to sleep that night.

My First Pride Parade

My First Pride Parade

Sunday, was the pride parade here in Pittsburgh. This was my first pride parade experience. My friend Anthony that I met at Robert Morris University, asked me to walk in the parade with him. His mom works for EQT, and we would be representing EQT in the parade. I was honored he asked me, and I always wanted to go to the pride parade with him, but life got in the way in the years past. Anthony, Dylan, and Allie are three amazing people, who I met at Robert Morris University in a theater class. I have since lost touched with Allie, but Anthony and Dylan I talk to them at least once a week.

Yes, Anthony and Dylan are gay, but they are the best friends a girl could ask for in life. Anthony, is very dear to me. He taught me to laugh again, and has opened my eyes to their cause and what it means to be “gay.” I had so many questions before I met him. I hadn’t known any gay people, ever before meeting him. I have seen gay people, but never really understood them. Anthony was so patient and understanding when I would ask questions, that may seem ignorant, but I wanted to know more, and I wanted to understand; more importantly. Admitting that one doesn’t know, but wants to know and understand is part of the quest for knowledge.

After, I became friends with Anthony, I met Dylan, Allie, Ray, and Jason. I love my friends gay or not. However, there are some people who choose not to ask questions. They chose not to understand, and just want to pass judgement. I feel so sorry for those people, because they are missing out on some fabulous men and women, who simply just want to be seen as equal.

When I first, arrived to the parade, I tried to prepare myself for something out of my comfort zone, and to try to keep an open mind. We met up with the rest of the EQT group. Up and down the sidewalks, men and women, drag queens, straight people, children with parents (gay and straight); were all gathered to celebrate equality, love, and life. It was beautiful, actually. There was a sense of oneness and happiness in the air, and it almost made me tear up. I thought if this is how humanity could be to one, another then there wouldn’t be a need for war, guns, and violence. The world would be beautiful, if we could be more like the people at the pride parade united, accepting, happy, and in love with life.

All along the outskirts of the parade there was a heavy police presence to keep us safe. Across the street there were a few “Christian” protesters preaching the Bible over a megaphone and holding signs saying, “Homo Sex is a Sin” and “Homosexuals are an abomination.” I made it a point to look at them and remind myself, that this is what close minded people look like, and this is how they act. These so-called “Christians” are so judgmental, and hateful. We just kept marching on clapping and cheering and celebrating the oneness of humanity, and equality for everyone no matter their sexuality. I was honored to be a part of this day.

I dedicated this blog post to the people of Orlando and their families, and to the many people who have lost their lives because they liked someone of the same sex. My heart and positive thoughts are with you. We are in this together.



Today, I had the interview with McKesson at 3pm. I hung out until it was time to go to the interview. I was not concerned. Jason did tell me that they are selective, which did make me a bit nervous, but I knew I had this in the bag.

Once, I got to the building, which was 5 mins from my house, the interview began. I met with Charlie, who was going to be my boss. The interview was so casual and relaxed. We just talked back and forth about my work history, the position with McKesson, their policies; which I don’t like, but I am sure I can deal with them. One of them was no cell phone usage, if you get caught with your cell phone, then it’s a point system. This is not going to work. I am too old for the point system.

When I left the interview, I felt extremely confident. I called Jason and told him how it went, and he was glad to hear how well the interview went, and hoped for good news.

When I got home, I told Drew how it went, about the policies, and how they seem so high school. It reminded me of daycare. They have a point system and the no cell phone out on your desk policy. He agreed with me. He disliked their policies, as well. I was kind of hoping that I wouldn’t get it, but something told me they were going to make me an offer.

The next day, I was putting laundry away when I got the call from Jason. He told me they really liked me and wanted to make me an offer. I told him upfront how I feel about the policies, and he understood my concern, and told me to not sweat it, because once they see that you can be trusted, they may be more lax with you. I agree. However, I think it is just the newness of the company and the position, which has me freaked out. The medical industry isn’t as exciting and fun as radio, but then again what is!?