Today, I had the interview with McKesson at 3pm. I hung out until it was time to go to the interview. I was not concerned. Jason did tell me that they are selective, which did make me a bit nervous, but I knew I had this in the bag.

Once, I got to the building, which was 5 mins from my house, the interview began. I met with Charlie, who was going to be my boss. The interview was so casual and relaxed. We just talked back and forth about my work history, the position with McKesson, their policies; which I don’t like, but I am sure I can deal with them. One of them was no cell phone usage, if you get caught with your cell phone, then it’s a point system. This is not going to work. I am too old for the point system.

When I left the interview, I felt extremely confident. I called Jason and told him how it went, and he was glad to hear how well the interview went, and hoped for good news.

When I got home, I told Drew how it went, about the policies, and how they seem so high school. It reminded me of daycare. They have a point system and the no cell phone out on your desk policy. He agreed with me. He disliked their policies, as well. I was kind of hoping that I wouldn’t get it, but something told me they were going to make me an offer.

The next day, I was putting laundry away when I got the call from Jason. He told me they really liked me and wanted to make me an offer. I told him upfront how I feel about the policies, and he understood my concern, and told me to not sweat it, because once they see that you can be trusted, they may be more lax with you. I agree. However, I think it is just the newness of the company and the position, which has me freaked out. The medical industry isn’t as exciting and fun as radio, but then again what is!?

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