First Day at McKesson

Today, I got to McKesson early despite my horrible anxiety. When I arrived, there wasn’t a receptionist there to help me get started, and I didn’t know my manager’s e-mail, or phone number, and it was too early to call Jason, so I just sat in the lobby and waited for someone to notice me (great start).

Finally, a gentleman approached me and asked me if I needed any help, or if I was being taken care of, I said, “Yes, I do need help, and no I am not being taken care of. “ I was honest. I told him who I was, whom I was here to see, and that today was my first day. He said, “Well welcome, I will let Charlie know you are here.” I thought to myself, Yes you go do that. Do my bidding damn it. What a piece of shit company.

Finally, Charlie approached me, and shook my hand. I smiled. He led me on my way to the kitchen to put my lunch away. Then to my cube, and introduced me to Melissa Sherman, who was going to train me all day. Then Charlie went back to his cube. Melissa sat with me and showed me how to do Doctor changes on her computer. She said, once you get the hang of it. It is really easy.” She showed me where the supplies are, how to categorize the e-mails according to who’s team they are on, and etc. I was a little overwhelmed.
Before lunch, she took me around to everyone and introduced me to the people on our team. I met this woman named, Lee. She told me she used to do promotions with iHeart and still does here and there. Her last event was the Marathon. I said, “Oh okay, I was there for a year back in 2014 and I did promotions, as well but I never saw you.” She was like, “Yeah…okay.” She had no interest in starting a conversation with me, so I knew this was not going to be a friend of mine.

At lunch, I called Jason from Volt, and I told him how these people were being with me, and how I knew the one used to do drugs, and these people were not my caliber. He apologized and asked me to try to stick it out. He will continue to look for something for me in the meantime. I said, “I will try, but I don’t know any of these medical terms. These people were are not friendly.” Well when I came back inside, I tried to stick it out, but the terminology was not something that I was used to, and the woman who was supposed to train me was too busy talking about happy hour to the woman who worked for iHeart. They were making sexual references about people as well. I still had questions, but I did not ask them because what did it matter anyway. She didn’t seem open to answering them, either. We got to take a break at 3:30pm. I called Jason and said this is not going to work, well he said the same thing to me. I guess apparently they want someone with more experience with the medical terms, and today was going to be my last day. I was completely fine with that! I just felt bad for Drew. I am going to be back to being unemployed, oh well this was bullshit.

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