Andrew’s 31st Birthday

Today, we went to the pool until about 2:30-3:00pm. Then we went home, the storm clouds were approaching and they were coming in fast. We went home to get ready for Andrew’s birthday party tonight. We wanted to to the Haufbrahaus there a little earlier, grab a table, and order some beers and the pretzel bites. We thought they were going to be packed since it is a Saturday.

When we got there, we got a table in the mess hall, and we had a huge long table for just us and our friends and family. We had some time together alone before people started to arrive. We also had the same server as two years ago, who waited on us, which was so cool! She remembered us, as well.
My parents arrived, and brought Drew his gift and two birthday cards. One was funny, and the other was a sweet son-in-law card. My dad bought him a picture framed with two tickets to the Steelers game, a picture of Franco Harris, and a program from the game. Drew loved it. Something for his man cave, then his parents arrived, and Zach came. After Zach arrived, Ben and Tricia showed up. Drew was on his 3rd beer at that point.

andrews-31st-birthday-weekend-2After we had dinner, and some drinks Ben and Tricia showed up, as my parents and his parents were leaving. We all went outside to the Beer Garden. Andrew at this point was on his 4th huge pint of beer. I knew this was going to be a long night. When we were in the Beer garden, Anthony and Dylan arrived for drink, and left. Then Patrick, Zach’s brother showed up, and he had a drink with us as well. It was nice to see most of Andrew’s friends show up.

At around 12:30am, it was time to get the Birthday boy home. I made sure I had his cards, he had already put the gift my dad got him in the truck, so that was safe, now to get this man home, who keeps saying it is his name day; too many episodes of Game of Thrones!

On the way home, I am driving. I reach over to touch Drew’s hand. We are a few feet away from almost being home and getting on the Thorn Run Exit. I had to pull over on 376, and he got out of the car, and managed to get vomit on the door, before getting out of the car, and vomiting up the rest. I felt bad, but I wasn’t sure what to do. I looked in the mirror, there were no cars coming. It was about 2am. It would be my luck if a cop pulled up right now, at this very moment. I got out of the car, and rubbed his back, he had vomit and snot dripping from him. I felt so bad for him, but at the same time, he did this to himself. I helped him in the back seat. I had nothing to give him to wipe his face, because we didn’t have any napkins or paper towels (I keep a roll in the car with me now though).

I finally got us home, and got him inside. He kept apologizing and I felt so bad for him. I got him wiped up and he started crying. He was so drunk. He told me how much he loved me and how sorry he was that he got like this, and that he let me down. I said that he didn’t let me down and it was okay, I forgive him, but he can’t get like this anymore.  He agreed. I got him in the shower, and I got random clothes on, so I could go outside and clean the car after I got him settled.

Once he was in bed, I went outside and cleaned the vomit out of the car. Surprisingly, it did not smell and thank God it did not, because then I would have vomited. It looked white like oatmeal. It didn’t take me long, then I went back inside, dressed in some pjs and climbed into bed with my lush husband.

My First Day at Pitt


I rode the bus in with Drew, and we got coffee at the Cathedral, and then we parted ways. I went to Craig Hall, and he went to work. When I got to orientation, I had to find my two forms of ID I was so flustered and nervous. I could not find my wristlet at all in my tote. The woman said, I need your two forms of ID, by Wednesday, or they will take you off the assignment. I said, “I know I have it, please just give me a second.” I was nervous. I finally found my wristlet and handed her the two forms of ID. She got the rest of my I-9 completed, and then I was able to get my IDs back and go into orientation. The room was full of temps, who were starting that day. I filled out my paperwork, listened to an informational PowerPoint presentation, and then we were able to leave to go to our buildings. I was so excited.

When I walked out of Craig Hall, it was pouring down rain. I took out my umbrella, and put my ear phones in so Siri could give me directions to the Katz Graduate School of Business. Andrew was working and there really was no one to ask how to get to my destination.  I finally made it to the building. I was drenched. The receptionist smiled and welcomed me. I said, I probably should put my high heels on now, huh? She said, “yes” and smiled. I put on my heels, and took the elevator up to the third floor. When I got there, I met Amy (the hr lady, on the phone) Sue, (The receptionist), and Nicole (the executive assistant to the Dean). Nicole took me around the office, and introduced me to everyone. I put my lunch in the fridge and my stuff in a vacant office (my temporary office).  I sat down with Nicole at her desk, she had me take notes about the job, and compile a manual for the position. I was on information overload.

At lunchtime, we met up with Drew for lunch at Noodles and Company. I was so glad to see him. After lunch, we went back to the office, and she told me how hard the job is that she has, and no one is going to be able to pick it up, just like that. She has been doing it for three years. This conversation made me even more nervous. I was so scared. I am not sure how I feel about this, was I misplaced again?

4:30pm, came around so quickly, and I was finally able to go meet Drew at the Cathedral. We were walking together to get the bus at the bus stop. He asked me how my first day went, and if I was going to like it? I told him my concerns, but he just kept saying baby, you got this. I know you can handle it. I have faith in you. It felt so good to hear, but I think I needed more than just faith to handle this position