Audition for Bradford Schools

Today, I had audition. I was nervous. The same woman, who was there on my interview, was there as well. She was the first to audition for the position, then me. I felt confident. When I entered the classroom, I met Jackie another territory manager. Nikki and Jackie, were going to be critiquing me on my memorization, and delivery. I did not mess up once! I kept it flowing, and I was proud of myself, and the job that I did.

When it came time for them to give me feedback, they were impressed. They asked how long it took me to memorize? I told them a day and a half. They asked me how confident I was in myself with memorizing 15 scripts. The scripts are 7 pages long. I said I feel confident about it. They said they did, as well. They also asked me if I could commit to them through the school year. Now this is the point, where typically one would lie and say yes, but I have always found that being honest with employers, or potential employers is best. Why lie? So I said “that is kind of unfair to ask of me, since I am looking for a full-time and this is not full-time. I am also waiting for Pitt to call me about a position. I am registered in their staffing pool.” I think they appreciated the honesty.

When I left, they said they would be in touch. I didn’t expect to get it. I went home, and got packed up for Erie we were leaving tomorrow when Drew came home from work. We were going away for the weekend. I couldn’t wait!

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