July 4th Weekend in Erie, PA

Today, I finished packing up the car, cleaned the house, ruined my fourth of July nails, but hey we were going to Erie! Drew got out of work an hour early, helped me finish packing the last bit of things, and he packed a bag for his stuff.

When we got to Erie, they were all outside drinking. We joined in the fun and go the weekend started.  We drank by the fire and hung out with his family, brother, and his brother’s fiancee, Megan. We had a good time relaxing, but it was early to bed. We were all tired from traveling. Tommy, Megan, and Drew worked earlier in the day, as well.

July 2, 2016:  Tobutters-selfie-2day, when everyone woke up we got showered, dressed, and went to a few different wineries, and distilleries. We tried so many different wines, took pictures, had lunch, and just hung out. It was so relaxing to get away and just have a day where we did not have to be anywhere at any time.

When we got home, we all took a nap. When Andrew and I woke up, his parents went to the grocery store to get dinner for tonight; Tommy and Megan were napping upstairs, as well. For some reason we all were so tired.


tommy-and-megan megan-and-i-at-mazzaquincy-winery

After an amazing dinner, we went to the casino. Andrew and I did not really have the money to gamble, but it was nice to go and watch everyone.

July 3rd: Today, we woke up, and went to Erie beach for a bit. Megan met us there after she went running. Tommy came along, and seemed a little miserable, but we all managed to have a good few hours at the beach. I got to wear my new pink floppy hat. I felt so glamorous.
When we got back from the beach, we all were showered, and dressed, and then Megan’s family came over. We finally got to meet her stepmom, her dad, stepsister, and their children. I think Megan and Tommy were ready for them to leave, when it was time.  That night, we had a fire going, played corn hole, drank some more, and set off fireworks. It was a great way to end such a relaxing weekend.


July 4th: Today, we left Erie around 10am, and went back to Moon Township. We brought our stuff inside, and then got ready to go to my parents’ for the 4th of July. We all went to Crafton Celebrates for dinner, and for funnel cake. It rained all day there, so the ground was wet and soggy. We did not really want to go, but it was nice to see my parents on the fourth.

After dinner, we went back to my parents’, and I laid on the couch with Andrew and my dogs. I love when I get to see them. We were so tired from our weekend; we ate and drank so much. We stayed to watch fire works with them on the front porch. It was nice, but we were ready to go home.

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