Oil Change

Today, I took my car in for an oil change. I didn’t get any sleep last night. I drove to Vavoline in the morning. I always go to Valvoline, never had an issue. My family and I have used them for years. Well they could t get the oil cap off. After a half hour of several attempts with a socket wrench, and 4 employees later still the cap would not come off.The mechanic gave up, and told me to go over to NTB. They would be able to get it off, since they have bigger tools. He instructed me to turn my car on and when I did, oil spewed everywhere. I turned my car off. I guess the cap cracked, when they tried to take it off.

The mechanic went up to Sears to get another socket wrench, and has to at least try to get the cap off, and then replace my oil container, and give me another cap. As I sit here in Valvoline’s air conditioned waiting room, listening to the hum of the  Pepsi vending machine I wondered are we similar to cars? I knew it’s stupid, but here me out.

We need to get a check up every so often, so we continue to run, and sometimes in our lives our oil lids crack, and we spew oil every where. We need to be repaired and we must clean up the mess we left behind and move on.

Hopefully my car will be done soon.

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