Broken Big Toe

Today, I felt ready to go into work, but it was definitely a Monday. We loved our little weekend of nothing going on, it was nice to reconnect with each other. We are typically so busy, so to have that time off was really nice. We had to stop over my parents for a bit, once we got off the bus, and I had a roast in the crock pot.

Once we were leaving my parents, it was pouring down rain! Andrew said, lets make a run for it. I am in flip flops, that were a bit too big on me to begin with, but I agreed. I went to go up the back steps, slipped, and fell. I had lesions on my hand and elbow and for some reason, my toe was throbbing when I was walking. I thought great! I can’t believe I fell. This is the second time that I fell up my parent’s walkway in the rain, throughout our relationship!

When I got into the car, Andrew saw how cut up I was and took me to Leanne’s to drop off her key to the tanning salon, and she gave me some peroxide and Band-Aids, then it was back to UPMC MedExpress, only this time we went to the Robinson location. They fixed me up and took xrays of my foot, and said it looks like I may have broken my big toe on my left foot! I just looked over at Drew and wanted to kill him for suggesting we make a run for it. They gave me a shoe to wear and wrapped my toe. I can’t believe I did this and that I am here at MedExpress. All I wanted to do was go home, eat my roast, and watch Bachelor in Paradise.

Once I got home, we did watch the Bachelor in Paradise, and saw Chad confront Chris Harrison. I never laughed so hard in my life! We did eat the roast that I had made. I was just glad to be home.

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