Last Day at Katz

Today, was my last day at the Katz Graduate School of Business. I will miss my ladies; Jodi, Sue, Karri, and Amy. Everyone there was so nice, and it really set the tone for my expectations regarding my experiences at Pitt. I forwarded off my resume to the staffing pool at Pitt, and they got back to me right away about a position with the Music Building. They need an Administrative Assistant to start Monday, August 8. I agreed to the position and I was glad because it wouldn’t be a lapse in pay, or start dates. I was still employed with Pitt.

When I told the ladies at Katz about my new venture, Sue said that her sister used to work as the Administrative Assistant and really did not get along with a woman named Paula, who is the Music Department Administrator. I said, “Great” However, I felt like it was still going to be okay, and I should not let gossip get in my head too much.

After work today, we went home and I made a little dinner for Andrew and I then we watched Game of Thrones, until it was time to go to bed.

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