Worst Day, ever

Today, was a day from hell! When I got in this morning, Paula let me in and I went back to my desk. I saw that there was a meeting was taking place that I would have to attend around 11:00am, is what it looked like. However, I noticed there was a bit of a time change. I thought maybe it started at 11:00am, but then it also looked like it was pushed back to 12:15pm, or maybe even 11:30am. I figured I will just show up early and see if I can finally meet my boss, or maybe someone will tell me what is going on.

When I arrived to the meeting, I was told that I was way early. The meeting wasn’t supposed to start until 12:15pm. I said, oh I thought it was at 11:00am. The women looked at me like I was crazy. They asked if I had met Geri yet, I said, “No.” They also asked if she called me, or reached out to me yet. I said, “No.” They seemed surprised, but didn’t want to say too much, or share their real opinions.   They told me to come back at 11:30am.

Instead of me going all the way back to the Music Building, I went down to HR, and they were in the same building as the meeting. I asked to speak to someone from All Temps. They asked for my name. I told them and they said for me to have a seat it will be just a second. Kristen greeted me at the door to the offices, and she took me back. We sat in her office, and I told her my concerns about the position, and I just got so flustered. I was not having a good second day. I told her that I hadn’t even met my supervisor yet. I had not been given any work to do. I just sit there, and hang out. I said that I have done that type of work before, and I ended up leaving. She said, “Okay, keep in mind this is your second day.” I can take you off the assignment and call you when something else is available. You seem really upset about this position.” I said, “Well it’s just not something that I am used to. It’s not structured.” She said, “Well it is only your second day.” I was just so confused. It was a knee jerk reaction. It was against University Policy to pull me off of one temp assignment and put me on another, unless I gave a notice, or the assignment was over. Well giving a notice would put me in a lapse of pay, so I said I didn’t want to do that.

When I left her office, I was going to give it until Friday, and then see what happened and if things have changed, that is what we agreed to. I walked outside and called my mom and told her what just happened, and how it is here. She was like, “Well you probably shouldn’t have said anything, and I doubt if they will call you now for anything again.” I just about enough of the negativity.  I decided to get off the phone with her and call Drew.

When I told him what happened, he was like “wow baby, I didn’t expect to hear that.” He felt bad for me, but told me that is what happens sometimes in jobs.” He encouraged me  to stick it out until this assignment is over, or unless I get hired on full-time in a different position at Pitt, but he doesn’t agree with how that woman was with me.

Not a minute later, Kristen called my cell phone, and wanted to follow up with me. She said, I seemed a little upset when I was in her office. I told her that I am okay now and I talked to my husband, and I want to stick it out. I made a mistake going to your office like that, I was just hoping to get some advice and to breathe a little, but I am ready to continue on with the assignment and see where it takes me. She said, “Oh well I thought we agreed that Friday was going to be your last day, and that you were really unhappy there.” I said, “No, we didn’t. I want to stay on. I don’t want to leave.” She said, “Oh well I already sent the e-mail. I will call you if anything comes up.” I got off the phone with her and called Drew. Drew said, “Oh my God. Are you serious? He was so pissed off at her and at the situation. Thankfully he wasn’t upset with me. I thought he was going to be, but he wasn’t. It sounded like he was.

Finally, the meeting happened, and it was the most unorganized meeting. It was so long. I couldn’t believe how disorganized this department was. Geri showed up. Had no clue, who I was, and she wasn’t expecting me. She didn’t know she was getting a temp, as her assistant. I had to introduce myself. She was like, “Oh okay, nice to meet you.” That was it. I was like “Nice to meet you as well.” We discussed the Jazz Seminar and how it was coming together, and what not. What else we needed to do, and etc. I am not sure how I feel about this position, and 6 months is a long time to be stuck.

After the meeting, I walked back to the Music Department, and talked to Paula. I broke down and told her my concerns and she said, come here and gave me the biggest hug, a co-worker could probably give another co-worker. She cheered me up, and said, if you want to stay I will personally e-mail Kristen myself and tell her you are staying. You don’t have to make up your mind now, it can be later. I said, Okay, thank you so much for listening to me and being there for me. I was so glad that she was on my side. However, at the same time, I wish she didn’t offer that option. I wanted out of this position so bad, now there didn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Thankfully, the day was almost over and I could go home soon. I couldn’t wait to see Andrew. When I told him about what Paula said, he was glad. I knew it was going to be one of those intense evenings between us.

Once we got home, I just started crying. I was so disappointed in this experience at Pitt so far, and I just broke down. Andrew consoled me and told me that it was going to be okay, and he was there the best he could be. I don’t know we will see where this assignment goes, but I am just so glad I have his support.

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