Interview at the Music Department/Cousins Visiting from Florida

That morning, I got off the bus, and went straight to Starbucks. I had my interview that morning and I needed to be alert. 9:30am, came around quickly. My interview went well. They asked me a lot of probing questions about me, why do I think I would be a good candidate for this position? My background in music, and etc. I was in there for an hour it seemed. Honestly, I don’t really want the position, but it would be a way into Pitt for me.

At 12pm, we had our Jazz seminar meeting, and Dave brought me an orange Pellegrino. It was so yummy, not as yummy as the lemon one that I had at Tommy and Megan’s wedding. At the meeting, tensions were high. Amy had so much to talk about that needed Geri’s input and she wasn’t going to be there to give it, and Gail wasn’t letting Amy talk. I felt bad, but at the same time. Geri should have been there at that meeting.

After work, Andrew and I took the bus to Crafton, so we could go to my parent’s hosue. When I arrived. I saw Nevaeh and I said, “Good Evening!” She smiled, and I sat down next to her a blanket, and she said, “You look like Princess!” It was so cute! When she saw Andrew, she said hi, and told him that I look like a Princess. It was so cute. He laughed. She did her frozen reenactment. I loved it. She even sang happy birthday to him.

Then we left to go to dinner. We ate the Central Diner. Nevah sat next to me in a high chair. Drew sat on the other side of me. Dinner was yummy, but at the same time a little loud, and people were looking at us. Nevaeh was up and running around, then she sat on my lap, and wanted to eat my fries. It was okay. My mom felt bad that I couldn’t really eat

After dinner, Mike and Crystal came over to our house, and saw our townhouse for the first time. It was a little messy since we both work full-time, but they stayed for awhile, and watched a little bit of our wedding video. Nevaeh was crying off and on and was getting tired. She wanted my Hello Kitty stuffed animals so badly. Michael kept trying to keep them away from her. I felt bad, but those are mine! Drew got them for me, sorry kid. She didn’t want to leave, but it was time for them to go, when they left, Drew and I high fived each other and said, “Lets go to sleep!”


Tommy and Megan’s Wedding

Tommy and Megan’s Wedding

Today, I had a nail appointment at 10:30am. I went to Dunkin and grabbed Donuts and coffee for Leanne and I. She did my nails and my toes. I love hanging out with her, but my nails and toes took 2 hours!

After my nail appointment,  I stopped home for a bit, my mom made me a sandwich, and then I went home. I got dressed and Andrew’s parents picked me up, and took me to the hotel to see Tommy and Drew; his dad was going to get ready with the guys as well. Once we got to the hotel, the Pitt game was on and Drew was getting dressed in his tux. He looked so good. He put his hands on my hips as I pinned on his corsage, he said, “I know a bubsy that is going to be having my baby tonight.” I just laughed. He does look so damn good in a suit.

After they got ready, his mom and I went down to see Megan. Megan was getting her make up done, when we walked in, and Butters was there. I was so glad to see him. He gave me kisses and let me hold him. I took Butters to see Tommy. They hadn’t seen each other since Wednesday.

When I was on my way to take Butters outside, the florist was at the bottom of the elevator. He asked if I could take them up to the bride and groom. I said, Yes I can do that. I took the flowers back up to the room and told Butters that we would go out after I delivered these. He couldn’t wait the poor thing, just peed in the hallway of the hotel. I felt bad for him.

Eventually we made it to the first look, and the Bridesmaid that made a big deal about not getting to make a speech, was walking butters to the fountain and he slipped out of his collar. I went to help her and she was like “We got it, We are good.” I was like yeah okay, you almost just lost the fucking dog. She was a fat miserable bitch. Fat women are typically miserable bitches, because they are miserable with themselves. I just kept being nice to her and killing her with kindness.

After the first look, we went to E2 where the ceremony was going to be held. I stood next Drew and we all gathered around in this horrible hot basement of E2 and the ceremony was so laid back. Drew and I both did the readings. I was first and he was second. He read a little reading on “Union.” Butters stole the show.

After the ceremony, we did the toasts, and finally got to eat. We had so much pasta and it was all served family style. I was able to sit across from Drew. Afterwards, we got our caricature drawn, and there was no dancing except the Bride and Groom’s first dance, as well as Father/Daughter, and Mother/Son dance.

After the reception, we went back to the hotel for bit, then it was time for Drew and I to go. We were so tired.

Interview at FedEx/Tommy and Megan’s Rehearsal Dinner

Interview at FedEx/Tommy and Megan’s Rehearsal Dinner

Today, I had an interview at FedEx for a package analyst position. I got to leave work at 11:15am, which was nice. I took the 28x to the airport. Once I got to my car, I went home for a bit. I was still a bit too early. I needed to get the towels in the dryer. Drew was at a conference in Cranberry. I wasn’t sure what to think about being at FedEx again. I left the house at 1:00pm for my interview.

Once I arrived to FedEx. The security guard recognized me and checked me in, and gave me the same picture badge, that I had on my first day at FedEx. It was kind of cool. While I was waiting for Jane to come escort me to the interview. Brandon, walked by and I made a face at him. He laughed and walked into the lobby. He gave me a hug and we took a selfie together. I was glad to see him. He was always so funny and so bad. Jane came and got me, she escorted me to the interview, where I met another Jane.

When I sat down, Jane went on and on about the position. I would pretty much be chasing packages and trying to get them out of audit, and blah blah. There is a lot of down time with this position (No different than the Jazz Department). She wouldn’t take a breathe it seemed, so I chimed in and said, “Well let me tell you where I am coming from. I have waited all summer for Pitt’s temp department to call. I couldn’t wait to hear from them. I turned down offers. I wanted to wait just for them. When they called me, I started out at Katz, and then went to the Music Department and that’s where I am now. I don’t think this position with Fedex is for me. I am honored to meet you both, but I am going to have to decline. It is just not something I am willing to leave Pitt for.” She said, she completely understands, her best friend formed her career out of the Pitt Temp’s department. That is where she started. Then the other Jane stated a statistic and said, “Well you know 80% of temps get offered full-time at Pitt.” I said, “I hope to be one of those cases.”

After departing from them, I went around to visit my old Fedex friends; Kurt, Jim, Patty J, Gene, Swarlotha. It was nice to see everyone again. I got coffee at Starbucks from my old coffee ladies. They all asked if I was coming back. I said “No, I don’t think so not right now. I am with Pitt and I love it there. I am honored they asked me to interview here, but that is as far as it goes for now.”

When I got home, I had to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. I turned on the movie Ghost. I watched the end of it, then got up and did some laundry. Drew called me and told me that Tommy is on his way over to get ready at our place if that was okay? I said, Yes that is okay, I just need to get in the shower. Drew was on his way home, when I finally got out of the shower, and Tommy arrived, while Drew was in the shower. It was cool to see him, the day before his wedding. It’s awesome that he is getting married.

We all arrived at to the rehearsal dinner together, Tommy was coming down with a cold, but still trying to be funny. I got family and group pictures with the bridesmaids and Megan. The Hornyaks and the Rusks. It was nice. Everyone hates when I take pictures except Megan was glad that someone was taking pictures.

After the rehearsal dinner, we went back to our house, and Tommy slept on the couch. I went to bed shortly after we got home, and let them have bro time. They stayed up and watched High Fidelity. I was sound asleep when Drew came up to go to bed. Big day for everyone tomorrow.
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Pumpkin Spice Latte and Weird Conversations

Today, we stopped at the real Starbucks in the morning. I got a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I could drink that shit all day every day. I love when Drew suggests going to Starbucks. When I got to my building, I called my mom and told her about my heartburn and she is going to pick me up some Zantac. She wants me to keep an eye on it. I haven’t had anything like this before, it is weird.

After I got off the phone with her, I went to go see if Paula was in. I wanted her to see that I was there early. She made a statement about me being early. I told her how the event was, and how much I enjoyed going and working it. I said, that feels like where I am supposed to be. I asked her if she needed any help with the interviews today, and she said, no, but I am to make sure to open the office if Matt is going to be late, and be there until Matt gets there. I said, I can do that, and I gave him my number in case he should be late again, and I can sit in for him.

Geri came into my office, around 10:30am and asked me to come up to her office, and we could work on some things. I was taken back really. She and I talked about my tasks for the rest of the week, and why I didn’t apply for the position. I told her I just wasn’t sure if this was for me or not. I had so much anxiety over it the first week. I told her my reasoning and she understood. She feels like I am doing a wonderful job and would be great at this position, and that I should apply for it. I felt torn when I left the meeting with her. She told me to go talk to Paula and tell her that I want to be considered for the position. I figured to hell with it. Whats the harm in being considered? The fact that I actually good get it and may like it? Or the fact that the summer sucks and I am trying to talk myself out of it. So what stay for a year and apply for something else.

When I went down to talk to Paula, she said, “well we are going to have to discuss this later, is Geri on her way down?” I was like “Yea, I guess she is in her office.” Feeling dejected, I went back to my office, and hung out in my cave. I started journaling.

All of the sudden my phone rang, Jason called from special events. He started out by thanking me for helping with the event, and it was great meeting me. He said, he has been talking me up to people, and saying how I just got right in there, didn’t need any direction, and how I wasn’t afraid to talk to people. He was happy with the job I did. He put my name down on the list of volunteers at Peterson Events Center and is going to keep me in the loop for events that come up. I said, “Now if I continue to help with day time events. You may have to have a conversation with Kristen  about me, because they will need to get someone to fill the position at the Music Department. I am sure it wouldn’t be a problem, because you know Kristen, but at the same time I don’t know if you have an opening for me or not, or if it would be like on an as needed basis.” He said, “Yeah, I will keep you in the loop, but if something comes up online, apply for it and I will give you a formal recommendation to that department. You would be so good for events.” I was so glad to hear that, but at the same time what am I going to do about the Music Department? I am torn.

After I got off the phone with Jason, I called Drew after telling my mom what Jason said. Drew was in the locker room at the pool, when I was telling him the story. He didn’t really seem to excited. I think perhaps me looking for a gravitational pull in any direction, gets the best of me, and heightens my expectations. Andrew did end up calling back and we talked it out and I feel much better. Paula wants to talk to me this afternoon, about applying for the position. I have this feeling I would definitely be offered it, if I applied and was interviewed.

What is holding me back?  Is it the right direction? I am nervous to talk to her. I think I will go at 2:30pm and pop in her office. I am not sure. Tonight, my parents are coming over. They are dropping off the pups. They leave for vacation Friday morning. I am excited to see my pups, but I know it will be a sleepless night. More later.

That evening, my parents did come over, and brought the doggies. I was so glad to see them. I couldn’t wait to spend the weekend with them. I knew it was going to be work though, between them and Andrew. My mom and I left Drew, my dad, and the dogs at home, while we ran out to get the Chinese food. We just literally got home, when they arrived. I didn’t even have time to change out of the clothes that I wore all day!

After dinner, they stayed for awhile before they left to go home. They had a lot of packing to do still. When they left the dogs cried for a good 45 mins, maybe less. They kept going to our front door, and waiting for them to come back. This was going to be the start to a long weekend.

Finally, they calmed down, and we were able to go to bed. Andrew had to sleep on the couch, and I slept upstairs in our bed with the dogs. We kept both fans going upstairs, to drown out the noise of the townhouse community. It still didn’t work. I guess it rained that night, and she kept barking at every little noise.

International Student Event

International Student Event

Today, when I got to work I was dressed for the International Student event. I wore a navy blue dress with beige polka dots. I wanted to dress up and look nice, but I just felt so bloated, and so weird. I think it is my period, but still I was so annoyed. I wanted to do well, and feel well for the event. I couldn’t wait until 2pm. I went to lunch at 12pm.

When I left for the event, Paula seemed weird. She was weird with me all day. It’s whatever. I am going to do what I want to do to get my name circulated in the events department at Pitt. This is what I like to do, and it’s not sitting around waiting for Geri to give me a task to do. Ugh! As a temp, we are allowed to make connections and get our name out there within the University. We are still allowed to network.

At the event, I formally introduced myself to Jason. We shook hands, and he introduced me to his team. Jason called the Music Department, looking for the members of the Jazz Ensemble Director. He wanted to see if maybe they would play at the International Student Event. I had to ask around the Music Department about this and supposedly the day of the International Student event, is when the Music Department hosts auditions for the Jazz Ensemble. When I broke the news to Jason, he was grateful that I was able to try to find out the answer, and then I offered my help at the event. I told him how interested I am in helping out at events, and how I have experience with events. He was grateful that I wanted to help out, and gave me his cell phone number.

Jason placed me with Wendy. Our task was to have the International students sign a poster, and get their picture next to our Pitt backdrop. I love interacting with people, and working events it is one of my passions. I am people person, and I am good at it.

All of the sudden I looked to my right, and saw Roc and the cheerleaders. I was star struck to see the Pitt Panther! I couldn’t believe it! I grabbed my phone and got a selfie with Roc.

I sent it to Drew, my mom, and his mom. I quickly put my phone away after the selfie. I was working and didn’t want to be on my phone.

At one point during the event, it started to rain. Wendy and I ran under the tent. The rain was blowing into the tent. No one thought to save the sign with students’ signatures on it. We all stood around the food and ate from the buffet. Drew came down after he got off work, and met Jason, Wendy, and some of the members of the Special Events team. Jason talked me up to Drew and it felt good to hear. Countless times I have heard people talk Drew up, but now someone was talking me up. It felt so damn good. Jason mentioned to me in front Drew that Obama is coming in to visit Pitt, and therefore needed me to help with that event on October 13, to be in the presence of the President would be so cool! I am so excited to work more events. I just wish there as an opening for me to do this full-time, or to be able to do more, without consulting the Temp Department, or Paula.

On way to the bus, I started to get like indigestion, and acid reflex. It started to feel like something was stuck in my throat, and it caused a dry cough, and it is sorta tough to swallow. It is still a little like that today. I had some moments where it felt like I was going to throw up, a bit. We had plans to go to the gym today, but I decided against going. I just wanted to hang out on the couch. I know I needed to go, but I just couldn’t today. We had to walk from Oakland to downtown, as well again today, and it was so humid and sticky. This walking every day from Oakland to Downtown is getting to me. I am over it!

When we got home, I got a cold shower, and Drew went to the gym. I stayed on the couch and watched Mistresses, and waited for my husband to come home. Once he got home, we made eggs, and I pulled the chicken out of the oven that I made for him for lunch tomorrow. I felt slightly better, but I still had that feeling in my throat, and it kinda burns. I don’t know what is wrong.