Tommy and Megan’s Wedding

Today, I had a nail appointment at 10:30am. I went to Dunkin and grabbed Donuts and coffee for Leanne and I. She did my nails and my toes. I love hanging out with her, but my nails and toes took 2 hours!

After my nail appointment,  I stopped home for a bit, my mom made me a sandwich, and then I went home. I got dressed and Andrew’s parents picked me up, and took me to the hotel to see Tommy and Drew; his dad was going to get ready with the guys as well. Once we got to the hotel, the Pitt game was on and Drew was getting dressed in his tux. He looked so good. He put his hands on my hips as I pinned on his corsage, he said, “I know a bubsy that is going to be having my baby tonight.” I just laughed. He does look so damn good in a suit.

After they got ready, his mom and I went down to see Megan. Megan was getting her make up done, when we walked in, and Butters was there. I was so glad to see him. He gave me kisses and let me hold him. I took Butters to see Tommy. They hadn’t seen each other since Wednesday.

When I was on my way to take Butters outside, the florist was at the bottom of the elevator. He asked if I could take them up to the bride and groom. I said, Yes I can do that. I took the flowers back up to the room and told Butters that we would go out after I delivered these. He couldn’t wait the poor thing, just peed in the hallway of the hotel. I felt bad for him.

Eventually we made it to the first look, and the Bridesmaid that made a big deal about not getting to make a speech, was walking butters to the fountain and he slipped out of his collar. I went to help her and she was like “We got it, We are good.” I was like yeah okay, you almost just lost the fucking dog. She was a fat miserable bitch. Fat women are typically miserable bitches, because they are miserable with themselves. I just kept being nice to her and killing her with kindness.

After the first look, we went to E2 where the ceremony was going to be held. I stood next Drew and we all gathered around in this horrible hot basement of E2 and the ceremony was so laid back. Drew and I both did the readings. I was first and he was second. He read a little reading on “Union.” Butters stole the show.

After the ceremony, we did the toasts, and finally got to eat. We had so much pasta and it was all served family style. I was able to sit across from Drew. Afterwards, we got our caricature drawn, and there was no dancing except the Bride and Groom’s first dance, as well as Father/Daughter, and Mother/Son dance.

After the reception, we went back to the hotel for bit, then it was time for Drew and I to go. We were so tired.

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