Interview at the Music Department/Cousins Visiting from Florida

That morning, I got off the bus, and went straight to Starbucks. I had my interview that morning and I needed to be alert. 9:30am, came around quickly. My interview went well. They asked me a lot of probing questions about me, why do I think I would be a good candidate for this position? My background in music, and etc. I was in there for an hour it seemed. Honestly, I don’t really want the position, but it would be a way into Pitt for me.

At 12pm, we had our Jazz seminar meeting, and Dave brought me an orange Pellegrino. It was so yummy, not as yummy as the lemon one that I had at Tommy and Megan’s wedding. At the meeting, tensions were high. Amy had so much to talk about that needed Geri’s input and she wasn’t going to be there to give it, and Gail wasn’t letting Amy talk. I felt bad, but at the same time. Geri should have been there at that meeting.

After work, Andrew and I took the bus to Crafton, so we could go to my parent’s hosue. When I arrived. I saw Nevaeh and I said, “Good Evening!” She smiled, and I sat down next to her a blanket, and she said, “You look like Princess!” It was so cute! When she saw Andrew, she said hi, and told him that I look like a Princess. It was so cute. He laughed. She did her frozen reenactment. I loved it. She even sang happy birthday to him.

Then we left to go to dinner. We ate the Central Diner. Nevah sat next to me in a high chair. Drew sat on the other side of me. Dinner was yummy, but at the same time a little loud, and people were looking at us. Nevaeh was up and running around, then she sat on my lap, and wanted to eat my fries. It was okay. My mom felt bad that I couldn’t really eat

After dinner, Mike and Crystal came over to our house, and saw our townhouse for the first time. It was a little messy since we both work full-time, but they stayed for awhile, and watched a little bit of our wedding video. Nevaeh was crying off and on and was getting tired. She wanted my Hello Kitty stuffed animals so badly. Michael kept trying to keep them away from her. I felt bad, but those are mine! Drew got them for me, sorry kid. She didn’t want to leave, but it was time for them to go, when they left, Drew and I high fived each other and said, “Lets go to sleep!”


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