Halloween 2016/The Beginning of Jazz Week

Today, it was Halloween and it was the first day of the Jazz Seminar week. All the craziness was about to begin. The jazz ensemble was going to play at 12pm at the William Pitt Union. Dave met up with me to figure out comp tickets. We had to put them envelopes and find out where everyone was sitting. Then we had to go to the William Pitt Union, so Dave could introduce the jazz ensemble then it was back to do comp tickets for a while longer.

That afternoon, I had a phone interview with CMU, which lasted 30-mins. I was so nervous. I wanted it so badly. I found this one on my own, and applied for it on my own. I just hope something would come of it. I really wanted this one. Around 4pm my phone rang, and it started. I gave the answers to the questions, the best I could. I hoped it was enough. I had a million things to do in my head, and I wasn’t sure how this interview was going to go. At the end of the interview, I sort have felt confident, but I don’t know. I am not sure. I couldn’t wait for this week to be over with.

Halloween 2016

Today, we had a chiropractor appointment, and then we were going to hang out until it was time to go to my parents. My mom and dad were cooking me dinner for my birthday, and they had a cake there for me, and that meant more gifts and I get to see my puppies! I love seeing Paris and Louie. I miss them so much when I am not home.

When we went over to my parents, we brought our Halloween costumes, so we could change over there, and then just go to Leanne’s. After dinner, Happy Birthday, and gifts, we got ready to in our costumes. Mine always takes the longest, because I have to put make up on. Andrew’s just has to put his on over his head, and he is done.  My mom took a picture of us, and then off to Leanne’s we went.

When we got to Leanne’s everyone was in the basement, I put my dip in the fridge, and then we went to down to join them.  Shawn, and Gretchen, Eddie, Mikey, Dan, Nikki, Tisha stopped by, Jada, and Maci were all present. Immediately, we were put on the beer pong table and weren’t allowed to leave because we kept winning. We eventually gave up the table, so we could sit down and drink. We had more fun this year, than in past years. Of course there was a little bit of drama with Jada, but that is how it is with that crew.

My 29th Birthday and Our One-Year Anniversary

My 29th Birthday and Our One-Year Anniversary

Today, I had a nail appointment and I didn’t have to work today, either. Drew went to the gym, while I was getting my nails done, and then he was going to go grocery shopping. While, he was out I beat him back home after my nails, and I put on some Halloween music, and started to scrape out the Pumpkins so we could carve them. I was happy to scrape them out, I poured some wine, and waited for my husband to come home. When he came home, he brought home flowers. I love getting flowers. I used to get them all the time, so when I do it is amazing!

After we carved our pumpkins, we made dinner, and he gave me my birthday gifts, and I gave him his anniversary letter, and he wrote one for me too. We cut the top layer of cake. It was so nice, and drank our champagne that we had in our room on our wedding night. The cake was better than the champagne. It was romantic and sweet. Our cake was so yummy! It was a great birthday and a great one-year anniversary.

img_0136 img_0137

One-Year Anniversary Trip to Seven Springs

One-Year Anniversary Trip to Seven Springs

Today, we had off work. We were going away for our one-year anniversary and my birthday. I was so excited to get a away and spend a much needed vacation away from the jazz seminar and Pittsburgh. We went to the gym and then got packed up. On our way to seven springs, we stopped for breakfast at Eat n Park. It was a great way to kick off our mini vacation.

The entire road trip up to seven springs, the drive was so nice, even though it did rain a bit, but it was still nice. When we arrived, we went up to our room. We were staying in the main lodge area, and it reminded me of the shining. Our room was all the way at the end of the hall. Autumn Fest started tomorrow, so there really wasn’t anyone up there that night, but Andrew and I were determined to make the most of out of it. After we got settled in our rooms, we were the only ones looking to party. We stopped in the gift shop and bought a shot glass and a wine glass,  and then we went to the bistro. We got some drinks, and met some people, who were there for a wedding that was happening that weekend. The same minster who married Tommy and Megan was there to marry this couple. We talked to the brides’ brother and his friends, and the cousin of the bride, which was a kicker for ULSC.


After a few drinks, we went to get changed for dinner. We were going to go to this place called Timbers. It was a burger joint. I had soup and salad. Andrew had a burger, and fries. It was nice to watch everyone coming and going all the families. Over dinner, we talked about my job situation since I was not the top pick during the interviews and I would have to train the new hire during the jazz seminar week, which was vastly approaching. I was looking forward to getting the hell out of the jazz studies office, but at the same time it was back to looking again.

After dinner, we wanted to keep partying so we went back to the bistro and met up with our friends, then to the club called the Matterhorn and danced for a bit, and had a couple drinks, then we decided to turn in for the night. We were so hot throughout the night, because we drank so much.



Today, nothing so far. I have a jazz committee meeting at 12pm at Panera. I am sure that will be so interesting.  Geri called me and told me earlier that week to fall back at the meetings and not to say anything. I was very offended, because I thought my input was allowed, even though I was a temp in the position, but I still interviewed for the position and was doing most of the work on Geri’s end to help prep for the event and this is how I am treated?

At the meeting, I did exactly that, and when I was asked about something, I didn’t offer any input. I just said whatever you need me to do I will do. Amy sat next to me and let me use some of her oils. She gave me balance. I needed to balance out my emotions and calm down. The entire meeting I was huffing the oils, and breathing in the scent. I feel like such a druggie, but hey it worked.

Pumpkin Patch/Scarehouse with Anthony

Pumpkin Patch/Scarehouse with Anthony

Today, we were on our way to the chiro, and there was a line all the way down 79. It was the line for Soergels. I guess it was the start of Pumpkin weekend. The line was so long! We were late to the chiro and my adjustment felt so amazing. Drew was out of the woods with his back, but still couldn’t lift anything super heavy. I was happy to hear that he was better.

After the chiro, we went to Janoski’s farm and picked out our pumpkins. We got 2 big ones, and one small one. I am using the small one, as a part of the dip decoration for Leanne’s Halloween party. I was tired for some reason. We laid down and hung out on the couch, and watched some television and waited for Anthony to get off work. We were going to Scarehouse tonight with him.


Anthony came over around 9:00pm. We left and went to the zoo to park our car since they shuttle you over to the Scarehouse by a school bus. We got on the school bus, and Anthony started singing, “Memories..” We started laughing. I always laugh so hard when I am with Anthony. I was scared a little in the house, but not really. We were with this one couple, and they were walking so fast. We kind of missed everything. At one point, they told us to slow down and they shut the door on our face. I agree we were walking too fast.

At the end, I was ready for something different next year. On the bus back, we decided to go to a Haunted Hayride next year, and do something different. I love this season. It just goes by too fast. We stopped at Caddy Ranch for a drink and Anthony and I got caught up with each other on our lives. Andrew was getting tired I could tell. We didn’t get home until 2am. Once we got home, we went to bed. We were so tired.

Not The Top Candidate/Haunted Mini Golf 2016

This morning, I arrived to the Music Building, and went to go meet with Paula. We typically have our morning chats. She asked me how yesterday went and I told her that it went really well. I was glad that I was a part of the event, despite having to get up at 3:15am. She was glad all went well for me.

However, she did tell me that I was not the top candidate for the position in the Jazz Office. I said, “Oh okay.” She said, I have completely removed myself from any decision making. I wanted to let you know that they decided on a man named Frank, who is a Jazz enthusiast. He is going to be starting during the Jazz Seminar week. Do you still think you may want to stay on until Jazz week is over and get him trained, and show him the ropes? I said, “Yes of course.”I told her I was at peace with the decision and was honest with her. I only interviewed for that position, because it was a way in the door at Pitt. I didn’t really want it. She said, she knew that was the reason, but also said, if I were to apply for anything at the University in the Dietrich Arts and Sciences to let her know and she will make the appropriate phone calls. She said, they have to at least interview me, because I am honest, I take criticism well, and I want to learn how to be better. It was nice to hear.

Although, I had so much to do now. I was crazy busy all day. I had to meet with Amy at 2pm in her office and give her the money for the essential oil that I bought from her for my PMS which seemed to work. We chatted for a bit about my position, the situation, my resume, and Geri. I left after an hour, and I wasn’t really into going back to work. I was ready for the weekend, so I went up to Andrew’s floor in the cathedral and stopped to see him for a bit. I told him what Paula said, and he said that he is sorry I didn’t get it but wants me to send my resume over to all Temps immediately, so they can keep an eye out for me. I said, I definitely will. I know they won’t do anything until my assignment officially ends, and I don’t have an end date. I have a ball park time, but that is it. I don’t want him to get all crazy on me again. Like I am doing what I can I can’t do anything else. We have a really fun weekend planned. I am ready to get it started.

annual-michael-myers-pic img_0025

After work, we went home and got changed, then went Haunted Mini Golfing at the Windmill. It was a perfect October evening. We had so much fun. I took my annual Michael Myers picture. After golfing, we went to the Café with his parents. I had 3 pumpkin beers, and his mom had a bit too much. She was saying such mean things to his dad, and telling Andrew and I things that we didn’t even know had happened in their marriage, like how they almost got divorced! For once in our entire relationship, I felt bad for dad. After the Café, we went home and went to bed. We had a chiropractor appointment in the morning.