Photo shoot at Pitt/ Babysit Nevah

Today, my mom woke me up when they left at 5am. I went into their bedroom and slept with my dogs, until about 9am, then I got up, fed the dogs, and took them outside. Then I made myself a cup of coffee. Drew woke up and texted me and said, hi bub! I brought him up my coffee, and let the dogs crawl all over him. He woke up not feeling so well. He was a little out of it. He stayed until Mike and Crystal came back. They were in Harrisburg for a wedding. They came back around 1pm, then Drew left to go back to Moon. He was going to go to the gym and rest and relax.

That afternoon, we went to take pictures around Pittsburgh. We stopped at station square first, so Mike and Crystal could go to the Steelers store before the game. This was the last thing I wanted to do on a Sunday, but I was glad to spend some time with my family. I chased Neveah around the store, and the little shopping mall. We took some pictures around Station Square, then we went to Oakland and took some pictures around the Cathedral. I had to be there in a few hours for work.  We just finished taking pictures when the rain started! We got back in the car. I had to take them to station square to get their car, so they could go to the game.

img_0063 img_0196

Unfortunately, I was stuck with Neveah. They snuck out the back of the car, while Neveah was playing with her mom’s phone. She didn’t even notice her mom was gone. I took Nevaeh to Primatnis’ in Robinson. When we were seated, they didn’t have another high chair for her to use. All of them were being used. I sat her in a big girl chair. The next thing you know, she falls off and hits her head on the floor. Everyone, starts looking and judging me. I pick her up off the floor and set her on my lap, she puts her head on me, and says she wants her mommy. I said, “it’s okay, I am sorry you fell.” I rubbed her head. I said, they don’t have any high chair’s I am sorry. I couldn’t take her home, because they wanted to stop home and get something before the game and it would be too hard for them to leave if she knew they were leaving.

Finally, she calmed down and I kept a hold of her, and let her drink my sprite. When our food got here, I held her on my lap and let her eat my fries and share my plate. She was going to be a handful. This was the start of a long night ahead of us.

After dinner, we went back to my parents’ house and I gave her a bath. Mike and Crystal were nice enough to feed the dogs before they left. Then I put on the frozen sing a long, which she watched for a little bit. Then I noticed, that she had a smell to her. I said did you fart? She her hand on my shoulder, and I was sitting on the floor. She said, “no, I poop.” I lifted up her night dress and pulled back her diaper, and saw the poop still formed and coming out of her butt. I said, “You have to let me know when you poop.” She said, “okay.”  I took her into the bathroom, and laid her down gently on the floor. I pulled off the pull up. It was all down her leg, and everywhere. I face timed my parents and my dad answered the video call and saw Nevaeh’s poop and said, “Oh God, Honey you have to see this!”

When my mom got on the phone, she was in the shower and I said, “Mom what do I do?” She started laughing. She said, “You are getting some practice that’s for sure. Clean her up front to back, and then you may have to put her in the tub.” I face timed Crystal and Mike and showed them. They both laughed and said, “This is practice Danni. You may have to put her in the tub.” I hung up the phone. I wiped her down and then took her back up to the tub and cleaned her off again. Then, we watched Bubble Guppies, and I told her that it was time to go lay in Aunt Marilyn’s bed.

When we went upstairs, I brushed my teeth and put on Bubble Guppies, then we laid in bed and she cried herself to sleep. Mike and Crystal didn’t get home until 1am. I let them in the house, because they misplaced the key. Mike picked her up out of my parents bed and took her downstairs. I went back to sleep and Mike had the television blaring. I asked him to turn it down. He said, “Oh I didn’t know you were staying.” I said, “Yea I have to take care of the dogs.” He said, “Oh okay right on.” Right on? Island folk. Finally, the house went silent, and they left at 4:30am.

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