Today, is Thanksgiving! I woke up and went downstairs and turned on the Thanksgiving Day parade. We were supposed to go to Bucca today with our families, but since his mom only came home from the hospital on Tuesday, thanksgiving was not going to happen that way. I honestly, didn’t want to go to Bucca. I was glad we were going to my parents for thanksgiving dinner. We did have to stop and see Grandma after.

At dinner, we had a small traditional thanksgiving. Turkey and the fixings. Dad had a cold. Drew looked like he missed his family. After dinner, we went to his Grandma’s and brought her a plate. She of course was so happy to see us. I put her plate in the fridge, but she wanted the dessert plate now. Grandma was asking us about mom and about Christmas. I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if she cancels it this year, her leg is up and she bound to that chair until she can bear weight. Grandma said, oh no she won’t cancel it. I just shrugged my shoulders. Grandma looks forward to the holidays, and doesn’t have much going on. We stayed for a little while, but then it was time to go home. I couldn’t wait. I am still all annoyed.

CMU Interview

Today, I woke up around 10am. I wanted to get down there around 1pm. My interview was at 2:45pm and wasn’t going to end until 4:45pm. Once I got down to CMU, I got a parking pass and parked behind Alumni House. It was an old mansion transformed. I hung out in my car for a while until it was time to go in.

When I first walked in, everyone was in the back-dining room, celebrating a baby sprinkle. One of the girls was pregnant again with their second child and they were throwing her a sprinkle. When they were ready, I first met with Lynn she told me that Gloria Gruber wanted to meet me today, but she is out sick. Lynn and I met for a half hour, during the that I was supposed to meet with Gloria. We just go to know each other a little, and had a casual conversation. I was going to meet with Lynn again for my last meeting of the day. After meeting with Lynn, I met with Diana P and a Russian woman, who were asking me questions about my past work experience, and the data that I would be responsible for. Then I met with Diana B and another woman who was responsible with Tableau. Kathy was the last woman I met with before Lynn her involvement with the person who is going to be in my position ended. They no longer want the person in my position involved in the parent and family engagement aspect for now. Hopefully I can get that back on my plate again at some point. I would love to use my good conversation skills with the parents and the families of CMU.

Lastly, I met with Lynn again. This time it was a formal interview conversation. One of the women asked that I show her my portfolio the project I made for Katz graduate school of business. Lynn was like wow this is perfect. You must love to do documentation. I said, I do. She said she is a recovering perfectionist.

After the interview was over they said that they were going to have a decision either right before thanksgiving, or the week after. I wish I could know now. When I got home, I stopped at Wendy’s before arriving home. I was excited to see Drew. When I go home, it was like 6:00pm. Rush hour traffic was a bitch. When I walked in the door, the smell of the bath tub made me so sick. Drew was so happy to see me and to hear how my interview went, but all I could do was focus on the smell. I was about to be sick. I handed him the food, and he opened the windows for me. He felt bad that I was sick with that smell. I tried to eat the little bit of Wendy’s I brought, but my stomach was sick and I wasn’t feeling good from that smell. I had a headache, as well. He gave me some motrin and I laid on the couch until it was time to go to Aliquippa. We were going to go have one more night in the quip before they move. I was excited for the Café.

Once we got to Aliquippa, they asked how my interview went, and we went to the Café. We had an amazing dinner, and a few beers. It was relaxing and what I needed after today. I desperately wanted CMU to call me.

Jazz Happy Hour

Jazz Happy Hour

Today, Drew was home to let the Bath Fitter guy in to the house, and I was so excited for our new shower. Today, was my last day on the assignment at the Music Department. I had mixed feelings. Sad, because I am going to miss everyone. Also, I don’t want to be on the couch long. Happy, because now I don’t have to deal with Geri, and I have an interview tomorrow with CMU!
The day, dragged on and on, but when it was almost time to go. Frank decided he was not going to my happy hour. I was sad, because he and I did grow close, but it appeared he didn’t want to go and simply made up an excuse, as to not go.

When it was time to leave, I had to run back to the office and grab my coat. I turned to look back at the office once more. I remember when Paula first brought me there. She flipped on the lights and it looked like a cave with a nice computer. I never thought I would like it there. I never thought I would want to leave this place. I took a deep breath, smiled, and shut the door. I had a happy hour to get to and a 3-hour long interview tomorrow.
We walked to the Butterjoint on North Craig. Paula, AJ, Phil, Irene, and myself were in attendance. Irene brought Marco. I was gifted with Psycho Racoon, a card, and a $50 Starbucks gift card. I felt so blessed. I had three 7 and 7s. Drew checked up on me, here and there. He was being so sweet reminding me to be careful, but this was my happy hour, and I don’t do this to him. I let him alone. Whatever. It is okay. He was just being nice and caring. He loves me.

After Paula, AJ, and Phil left, it was just Irene and I. I had one more drink, then it was time to go. Irene asked me about married life, and what is like to be a wife. I remember being so naïve about marriage and a wedding as well. I am happy most days. I am ready for something of my own. I miss having my own stuff. CMU would be mine. Here is to hoping! I finally got on the bus, and took the 28x back to Robinson to my car. I was sobering up and ready to drive home. I felt safe and sober.  Once I got to my parent’s I played with my dogs, said Hi to my parents, then went to bed. I was so tired and I had a huge day tomorrow.

Pulling Back

Today,  I was 15 mins early walking into the building. Paula wasn’t even there yet. She was walking in, as I was putting my lunch away in the fridge. She said, “You are early today?” I said, “Yup, we caught the early bus, and I said, Paula will be happy.” She laughed. She told me she had a workshop today, and I had a meeting with Emily, so we caught each other up on the plans for today, and then I went back to my office. Shortly after, Frank came in and got to work.

When I left for my meeting with Emily, Paula was already gone. My meeting with Emily, went so well. She was so informative and gave me such good advice. I was so glad to meet with her and she made me feel so ready for my interview. When I got back to the building, it was a bit before 10am, and Paula wasn’t there yet. I went back to my office, and filled out my time card since it has to be approved for Thursday this week. I know she will make me edit it. I don’t have much else to say at the moment, but I am extremely bored today and tired. I want more coffee. Oh, I had to cancel my happy hour for tomorrow. I can’t be wondering around here at night to the parking garage, or to catch a bus, so I will just go back to my parents since our tub is getting put in tomorrow.

Once word got that out that I was not going to be a part of my own happy hour. They all flipped out on me. They kept teasing me and asking me how I can’t be a part of my own happy hour, so it is back on. I have to find a way to get back to the bus stop.

Winding Down at the Jazz Office

Winding Down at the Jazz Office

Today, so far the morning has been somewhat eventful. Paula wants to help me get prepared for my interview, and ask me some open-ended questions, and see how my responses are. We talked about Frank and how he should not be reading. He should be looking through the server and asking questions. She said, not to take offense with what she is about to say, but as a temp things come up and you need to know to take care of them, as they happen. He is full-time and needs to know the ins and outs of that server and how to locate everything! I agree with her, but part of this job is as needed and as things come up, it’s not about having the answer to everything or knowing where everything is. She has a whole different job, and he has no admin experience, so he needs to battle with that as well. There are so many factors here but I have said enough about Frank’s lack of experience. I really have. I don’t want it to ruin my karma and what I have going for me.  I was there too one day, sort of.

At 1pm today, we have lunch with Geri at the porch. I am excited more free food! Lunch was so nice. We had a good time, and chatted about work, and personal things. She was interested in getting to know Frank and I. She asked us about our backgrounds, and our families. It was fun.

When we got back to the office, Paula started on me because we didn’t tell her that we were going to be late, and that it was a partial business meeting, as well. When we went to leave at the end of the day, it was like 4:26PM. She flipped and said, “ I have this habit of leaving early. I didn’t tell her we were going to be late coming back from lunch. I have to tell you these things. You want a reference from me.” I said, “Paula, this isn’t my job anymore. It is Frank’s and he is gone he went to the bathroom and he left. I can’t get into my office, and we were out with Geri our boss, the one who gives us the work to do, so I don’t think you need to know where we were were, or if we are going to be late, if we are with our boss. If I was with a friend, or Andrew then yes I could see telling you.” She laughed and was like, well you know what I mean. You can’t make a habit of this at your next job. I said, “I won’t, but it’s only 4 mins until 4:30pm. It’s not like I left after lunch and didn’t come back.” Frank must have heard us talking, he came into the room, and I told him what she was saying, and he said, “Oh okay, but we were with Geri?” I said, “exactly! It doesn’t seem to matter. We still have to tell her.” I rolled my eyes. I was so aggravated. She waits until my last week to ride me and get on me about the dumbest shit and throw a reference in my face? I wish she would.

When I told Andrew, he was shocked that she was acting like this with me. He said, “I bet Geri doesn’t care at all if you left at 4:15pm, or after lunch. I said, nope she doesn’t, because she is out of town and knows there is nothing pressing at the moment, that would require her to act this way. Geri even said that. Paula slows her down. It’s a shame, but it’s not my problem anymore it is Frank’s. He can have it.

Good News from CMU

Today, was such a slow and boring day. I gave Paula the little gift I bought her. I was glad that she enjoyed it and wasn’t expecting it. I love surprising people. Frank was a little annoying today. He seemed to not want to do anything and when a task did come up, he seemed to not want to really do it. We had our last Taco Bell lunch yesterday and then it was back to work.  Paula caught him reading in the afternoon, and told him to go learn the front desk area. He said, that he planned on doing that tomorrow, but Paula said, well how about now? I didn’t say anything I just sat there and watched the two of them. His inexperience is so prevalent.
However,  Frank spent some time in the front office, and then came back into the jazz office. I refreshed my e-mail, waiting for my Partylite shipment confirmation, when an e-mail came through from Anthony Downs, HR for Carnegie Mellon. Gloria Gruber, the woman whom I had the phone interview with, wanted to invite me to interview in-person! I can’t believe it. I did it! How did I do it? With all that is coming and going on around me, jazz seminar, and frank! I was not sure how I pulled that out of my hat, but I did. I ran down the hall to tell Phil and helped me construct my e-mail response, so I am so super happy! I can’t believe I did it! I told Anthony that I would be available this Friday, so Thursday is my last day! I am going to miss it here at Pitt, but onward and upwards I go.
As I was waiting for the Andrew to meet me at the bus stop, I couldn’t wait to tell him the news. I was so excited that I got through. When I told him, he was so happy and so excited for me. He wants to help me get prepared and he gave me all this advice, and asked me all these questions, and I won’t know anything until I get the itinerary! My own itinerary!
When we got back to the car, we went to Home Depot to get ceiling paint, then it was home to watch the Pitt Game. I refused to make dinner, since we still had left overs in the fridge, so I went upstairs, got a shower, and came back down in time to watch the Pitt basketball game. It was a relaxing evening. Tomorrow is a gym day!

Music LLC

Today, at work Frank and I had a Music LLC conference call with Geri and Greg Brown. Greg met us at the music building, in the conference room, to talk about the plans for the LLC for next year, which really didn’t go over too well. It was not that productive of a meeting. Geri came by and we updated her on a few things, and she said she would meet up with us next Monday or Tuesday to do lunch on my last week at the music department. I am not holding her to anything. I hope she forgets. We just don’t really get a long, and don’t see eye-to-eye and I am upset with her for urging me to apply for the position, interviewing me, then turning me down, and silencing me.