Today, is Thanksgiving! I woke up and went downstairs and turned on the Thanksgiving Day parade. We were supposed to go to Bucca today with our families, but since his mom only came home from the hospital on Tuesday, thanksgiving was not going to happen that way. I honestly, didn’t want to go to Bucca. I was glad we were going to my parents for thanksgiving dinner. We did have to stop and see Grandma after.

At dinner, we had a small traditional thanksgiving. Turkey and the fixings. Dad had a cold. Drew looked like he missed his family. After dinner, we went to his Grandma’s and brought her a plate. She of course was so happy to see us. I put her plate in the fridge, but she wanted the dessert plate now. Grandma was asking us about mom and about Christmas. I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if she cancels it this year, her leg is up and she bound to that chair until she can bear weight. Grandma said, oh no she won’t cancel it. I just shrugged my shoulders. Grandma looks forward to the holidays, and doesn’t have much going on. We stayed for a little while, but then it was time to go home. I couldn’t wait. I am still all annoyed.

Jazz Happy Hour

Today, Drew was home to let the Bath Fitter guy in to the house, and I was so excited for our new shower. Today, was my last day on the assignment at the Music Department. I had mixed feelings. Sad, because I am going to miss everyone. Also, I don’t want to be on the couch long. Happy, because now I don’t have to deal with Geri, and I have an interview tomorrow with CMU!
The day, dragged on and on, but when it was almost time to go. Frank decided he was not going to my happy hour. I was sad, because he and I did grow close, but it appeared he didn’t want to go and simply made up an excuse, as to not go.

When it was time to leave, I had to run back to the office and grab my coat. I turned to look back at the office once more. I remember when Paula first brought me there. She flipped on the lights and it looked like a cave with a nice computer. I never thought I would like it there. I never thought I would want to leave this place. I took a deep breath, smiled, and shut the door. I had a happy hour to get to and a 3-hour long interview tomorrow.
We walked to the Butterjoint on North Craig. Paula, AJ, Phil, Irene, and myself were in attendance. Irene brought Marco. I was gifted with Psycho Racoon, a card, and a $50 Starbucks gift card. I felt so blessed. I had three 7 and 7s. Drew checked up on me, here and there. He was being so sweet reminding me to be careful, but this was my happy hour, and I don’t do this to him. I let him alone. Whatever. It is okay. He was just being nice and caring. He loves me.
After Paula, AJ, and Phil left, it was just Irene and I. I had one more drink, then it was time to go. Irene asked me about married life, and what is like to be a wife. I remember being so naïve about marriage and a wedding as well. I am happy most days. I am ready for something of my own. I miss having my own stuff. CMU would be mine. Here is to hoping! I finally got on the bus, and took the 28x back to Robinson to my car. I was sobering up and ready to drive home. I felt safe and sober.  Once I got to my parent’s I played with my dogs, said Hi to my parents, then went to bed. I was so tired and I had a huge day tomorrow.

Winding Down at the Jazz Office

Today, so far the morning has been somewhat eventful. Paula wants to help me get prepared for my interview, and ask me some open-ended questions, and see how well I answer them.

At 1pm today, we have lunch with Geri at the porch. I am excited more free food! Lunch was so nice. We had a good time, and chatted about work, and personal things. She was interested in getting to know Frank and I. She asked us about our backgrounds, and our families. It was fun.


Election Day 2016

Today was election day! We voted and then went to work. Frank and I hung out in the office and we had a slow day, we did things as they were handed to us. The election was on the minds of everyone.
After work today, we decided to go see a movie, instead of going to the gym. We wanted to get away from the election. We went to see Dr. Strange, and it was so good. The people behind us were refreshing their phones for the election. We heard one of them say, Trump is up 104. When we got home, he was up 196, so much for getting away from it.

Jazz Concert

Today, Andrew and I had to go pick up Ora at her hotel, and take her to Frick fine arts. She wanted to see some of the seminars. Andrew and I hung out and met S. Epatha Merkerson. After the seminar, we went to the Carnegie music hall to get the dressing rooms set up. After we did that we brought over Ora’s clothes as well. We wanted to make sure she had all her stuff, so we could sneak away at some point and not have to stay for the entire concert.

After we got the dressing rooms set up, we went to have lunch at the union grill, and then Geri called. She wanted a copy of the itinerary. I told her the only one that I have is the one that Gail put together. I said, that I was at lunch now and we just ordered food, and she said okay no problem enjoy your lunch. Gail’s itinerary was what she wanted, and when we got back to the music hall. We had to make more copies of the itinerary. I met with Cassandra Wilson and she needed the lyrics to every song she was singing, because she knows them but in case she forgets. I had to print those out as well.
After we did that, we were told to stuff programs, and we then were able to enjoy a bit of the rehearsal, then we went to get changed for the reception and concert.

At the reception, a student musician was being a diva because he didn’t want to play for his award, and he didn’t want to play or accept his award in the cloister. Well we had to move to the auditorium and no one was happy that the student was calling the shots, neither was Dean Cooper.

After the reception, we went to the music hall, and the doors were about to open, so we started making sure people at the right comp tickets. Andrew was there to help, but I am sure he felt over whelmed. I am typically the one who likes all the event stuff.
My only assignment was to get Pitt Arts to the right section, and rip their tickets. Once I did, everyone assumed that I was part of the box office, so I ripped tickets and told people the direction of their seats. Not what I wanted to do or what I was expected to do.

Finally, everyone was inside and at their seats. I met with Eileen, a woman who I was e-mailing back and forth. I told her who I was and she gave me a big hug and asked me for my resume. I said I would e-mail it to her first thing on Tuesday. The jazz studies office would not be on Monday. She laughed.