Jazz Week Day 3

Today, Ora, Geri’s agent arrived and this was the first time that I was going to meet her. We didn’t exactly hit off right away. Frank and I went to her hotel room to meet her and then we took her back to the music department.

After we talked about transportation, we set our stuff down in the conference room, we grabbed lunch on Craig street, then it was back to the music building. We ate lunch, then made copies of all the music that the artists would need, then we finished the transportation schedule in my office. She got an attitude with me, because she kept asking me questions based on the old schedule not the new one that we just completed, so I suggested that if she would please make notes from the new one not the old one, because we are not on the same page. She said, “oh I will do it my way Danielle.” I said, “but then you are going off of the non-updated information.” I couldn’t wait to kick her out of my office. She said, “okay I need a ride back to my hotel.” I said, “unfortunately, there is no one here to ride you back, we can walk, or I can see if the hotel room has a shuttle.”
So I called for a shuttle, I said “let’s wait outside, because there is no where in here for you to sit and they will not come to the door to get you, so we need to be ready for them.” She said, I was bossy and I am bossing her elders around. Well I wanted to make sure she understood, that no one is going to pamper her, or come looking for her. This is not California. You are in Pittsburgh; at a college campus you have to fight for yourself it is what it is. I said, “No I am giving you, your options, because the shuttle driver, will not come inside and get you. He will expect you to be ready when he arrives, and it will not take 15 minutes for him to get here.” Sure enough the shuttle came earlier than 15 mins and she got in and as she was talking, he shut the door on her, and drove off. I waved and said bye. I rolled my eyes to Frank and walked back inside the Music Building. He has no clue what he has gotten himself into.

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