Jazz Week Day 4

Today, we had to make a few more copies for Geri and meet up with them to get Ora the checks for the musicians. We met up with her in time for sound check at Bellefield recording studio. As soon as the piano tuner left, they were allowed to go in. Once they were inside, we met with Ora and she gave us another assignment to pick up some water for the musicians. Frank and I went to two locations on Craig and they did not have water, so we left and called one of the student drivers and they picked up the water. Frank left at 4:30pm because he didn’t feel like he had to stay at all for rehearsal. Well that is what your job entails during Jazz week. You might have to stay. It looks good that Geri at least sees you there. He just doesn’t care and doesn’t get it. This sucks! I could have been a better choice, but she knows she can’t take advantage of me.

After the rehearsal, when I was dismissed Andrew and I went to Primanti’s in Moon for dinner, and a few beers, then it was home finally.

img_0211 img_0213

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