Good News from CMU

Today, was such a slow and boring day. I gave Paula the little gift I bought her. I was glad that she enjoyed it and wasn’t expecting it. I love surprising people. Frank was a little annoying today. He seemed to not want to do anything and when a task did come up, he seemed to not want to really do it. We had our last Taco Bell lunch yesterday and then it was back to work.  Paula caught him reading in the afternoon, and told him to go learn the front desk area. He said, that he planned on doing that tomorrow, but Paula said, well how about now? I didn’t say anything I just sat there and watched the two of them. His inexperience is so prevalent.
However,  Frank spent some time in the front office, and then came back into the jazz office. I refreshed my e-mail, waiting for my Partylite shipment confirmation, when an e-mail came through from Anthony Downs, HR for Carnegie Mellon. Gloria Gruber, the woman whom I had the phone interview with, wanted to invite me to interview in-person! I can’t believe it. I did it! How did I do it? With all that is coming and going on around me, jazz seminar, and frank! I was not sure how I pulled that out of my hat, but I did. I ran down the hall to tell Phil and helped me construct my e-mail response, so I am so super happy! I can’t believe I did it! I told Anthony that I would be available this Friday, so Thursday is my last day! I am going to miss it here at Pitt, but onward and upwards I go.
As I was waiting for the Andrew to meet me at the bus stop, I couldn’t wait to tell him the news. I was so excited that I got through. When I told him, he was so happy and so excited for me. He wants to help me get prepared and he gave me all this advice, and asked me all these questions, and I won’t know anything until I get the itinerary! My own itinerary!
When we got back to the car, we went to Home Depot to get ceiling paint, then it was home to watch the Pitt Game. I refused to make dinner, since we still had left overs in the fridge, so I went upstairs, got a shower, and came back down in time to watch the Pitt basketball game. It was a relaxing evening. Tomorrow is a gym day!

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