Pulling Back

Today,  I was 15 mins early walking into the building. Paula wasn’t even there yet. She was walking in, as I was putting my lunch away in the fridge. She said, “You are early today?” I said, “Yup, we caught the early bus, and I said, Paula will be happy.” She laughed. She told me she had a workshop today, and I had a meeting with Emily, so we caught each other up on the plans for today, and then I went back to my office. Shortly after, Frank came in and got to work.

When I left for my meeting with Emily, Paula was already gone. My meeting with Emily, went so well. She was so informative and gave me such good advice. I was so glad to meet with her and she made me feel so ready for my interview. When I got back to the building, it was a bit before 10am, and Paula wasn’t there yet. I went back to my office, and filled out my time card since it has to be approved for Thursday this week. I know she will make me edit it. I don’t have much else to say at the moment, but I am extremely bored today and tired. I want more coffee. Oh, I had to cancel my happy hour for tomorrow. I can’t be wondering around here at night to the parking garage, or to catch a bus, so I will just go back to my parents since our tub is getting put in tomorrow.

Once word got that out that I was not going to be a part of my own happy hour. They all flipped out on me. They kept teasing me and asking me how I can’t be a part of my own happy hour, so it is back on. I have to find a way to get back to the bus stop.

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