Winding Down at the Jazz Office

Today, so far the morning has been somewhat eventful. Paula wants to help me get prepared for my interview, and ask me some open-ended questions, and see how my responses are. We talked about Frank and how he should not be reading. He should be looking through the server and asking questions. She said, not to take offense with what she is about to say, but as a temp things come up and you need to know to take care of them, as they happen. He is full-time and needs to know the ins and outs of that server and how to locate everything! I agree with her, but part of this job is as needed and as things come up, it’s not about having the answer to everything or knowing where everything is. She has a whole different job, and he has no admin experience, so he needs to battle with that as well. There are so many factors here but I have said enough about Frank’s lack of experience. I really have. I don’t want it to ruin my karma and what I have going for me.  I was there too one day, sort of.

At 1pm today, we have lunch with Geri at the porch. I am excited more free food! Lunch was so nice. We had a good time, and chatted about work, and personal things. She was interested in getting to know Frank and I. She asked us about our backgrounds, and our families. It was fun.

When we got back to the office, Paula started on me because we didn’t tell her that we were going to be late, and that it was a partial business meeting, as well. When we went to leave at the end of the day, it was like 4:26PM. She flipped and said, “ I have this habit of leaving early. I didn’t tell her we were going to be late coming back from lunch. I have to tell you these things. You want a reference from me.” I said, “Paula, this isn’t my job anymore. It is Frank’s and he is gone he went to the bathroom and he left. I can’t get into my office, and we were out with Geri our boss, the one who gives us the work to do, so I don’t think you need to know where we were were, or if we are going to be late, if we are with our boss. If I was with a friend, or Andrew then yes I could see telling you.” She laughed and was like, well you know what I mean. You can’t make a habit of this at your next job. I said, “I won’t, but it’s only 4 mins until 4:30pm. It’s not like I left after lunch and didn’t come back.” Frank must have heard us talking, he came into the room, and I told him what she was saying, and he said, “Oh okay, but we were with Geri?” I said, “exactly! It doesn’t seem to matter. We still have to tell her.” I rolled my eyes. I was so aggravated. She waits until my last week to ride me and get on me about the dumbest shit and throw a reference in my face? I wish she would.

When I told Andrew, he was shocked that she was acting like this with me. He said, “I bet Geri doesn’t care at all if you left at 4:15pm, or after lunch. I said, nope she doesn’t, because she is out of town and knows there is nothing pressing at the moment, that would require her to act this way. Geri even said that. Paula slows her down. It’s a shame, but it’s not my problem anymore it is Frank’s. He can have it.

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