CMU Interview

Today, I woke up around 10am. I wanted to get down there around 1pm. My interview was at 2:45pm and wasn’t going to end until 4:45pm. Once I got down to CMU, I got a parking pass and parked behind Alumni House. It was an old mansion transformed. I hung out in my car for a while until it was time to go in.

When I first walked in, everyone was in the back-dining room, celebrating a baby sprinkle. One of the girls was pregnant again with their second child and they were throwing her a sprinkle. When they were ready, I first met with Lynn she told me that Gloria Gruber wanted to meet me today, but she is out sick. Lynn and I met for a half hour, during the that I was supposed to meet with Gloria. We just go to know each other a little, and had a casual conversation. I was going to meet with Lynn again for my last meeting of the day. After meeting with Lynn, I met with Diana P and a Russian woman, who were asking me questions about my past work experience, and the data that I would be responsible for. Then I met with Diana B and another woman who was responsible with Tableau. Kathy was the last woman I met with before Lynn her involvement with the person who is going to be in my position ended. They no longer want the person in my position involved in the parent and family engagement aspect for now. Hopefully I can get that back on my plate again at some point. I would love to use my good conversation skills with the parents and the families of CMU.

Lastly, I met with Lynn again. This time it was a formal interview conversation. One of the women asked that I show her my portfolio the project I made for Katz graduate school of business. Lynn was like wow this is perfect. You must love to do documentation. I said, I do. She said she is a recovering perfectionist.

After the interview was over they said that they were going to have a decision either right before thanksgiving, or the week after. I wish I could know now. When I got home, I stopped at Wendy’s before arriving home. I was excited to see Drew. When I go home, it was like 6:00pm. Rush hour traffic was a bitch. When I walked in the door, the smell of the bath tub made me so sick. Drew was so happy to see me and to hear how my interview went, but all I could do was focus on the smell. I was about to be sick. I handed him the food, and he opened the windows for me. He felt bad that I was sick with that smell. I tried to eat the little bit of Wendy’s I brought, but my stomach was sick and I wasn’t feeling good from that smell. I had a headache, as well. He gave me some motrin and I laid on the couch until it was time to go to Aliquippa. We were going to go have one more night in the quip before they move. I was excited for the Café.

Once we got to Aliquippa, they asked how my interview went, and we went to the Café. We had an amazing dinner, and a few beers. It was relaxing and what I needed after today. I desperately wanted CMU to call me.

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