CMU Opportunity #2

Today, I got a call from Anthony Downs, the man who set up the initial phone interview with me and Gloria from HR back in October. He didn’t have an “update” for me regarding the status of the two positions that I interviewed for on November 18th, but he did ask if I wanted to interview for another position, within the Alumni House. The position just came open yesterday, it is titled, Admin and event coordinator, which seemed to be right up my alley, but what about the other positions? He said, he wishes they would make up their mind about it, but am I interested in interviewing for this one? I would still be interviewing with Lynn and Gloria, but an additional 2 other people would be interviewing me as well. I agreed to the interview. It was going to take place on Friday, so here we go again! Drew was excited for me, but still wanted to know about the other two positions, and I didn’t have any update for him, but I did have an interview to get ready for.

After I got the e-mail, he printed out my itinerary for the day. I was excited, but couldn’t help but be a little pissed about the other two positions. I am pretty sure I wasn’t going to get offered. After all that antagonizing and waiting.

I called Paula, and Emily and told them I was going to be on campus on Friday for another interview with CMU. I still didn’t know about the other two positions, but this one was up my alley, and I was excited about it. Paula invited me to the last lunch of the semester. Emily was going to be on campus, but decided to stay home and asked me to face-time with her before I leave to go to Pitt. She was going to help me get prepared for my interview. She was pretty insightful last time. Paula, told me to text Phil my order from Frankturary and couldn’t wait to see me. I had something to do I was so excited!

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