Last Lunch of the Semester at the Music Department

After my FaceTime with Emily, I made my way to the bus stop in Robinson. I saw the bus in my rear view mirror and of course I missed it. I went to Starbucks and got a big coffee, and made my way back to the bus stop and began the 45-min wait for my bus. I had Tom Petty blasting in my ears, and with the cold the buses weren’t really running on time. It sucked.

Once I got on the bus, the bus was cold! It took me forever to get to Oakland, but when I did was so excited and missed working at Pitt, and taking the bus, and just working in general. I can’t wait to get back at it. I was so excited to go back to the music building. Lunch was good. I had so much fun seeing everyone and catching up. I will have to admit. I enjoyed hearing Frank complain about Geri and the way she run things. It was hilarious. I did dodge a bullet with that position, but I would have done it, and I did deserve it based on merit and hard work, but I can’t be bitter about it anymore. I think that might be holding me back some, but I can’t help but still be a little bothered about it. After lunch, I made my way home, but it was rush hour and it was cold. It was going to take forever to get home.

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