CMU Interview #2

Today, was the day another interview with CMU. I got to the bus stop and grabbed my coffee, and waited for the bus. It was another cold day! Once I got on the bus, I was the last stop. The bus driver was so cool. I told him why I was going to CMU and he said, that he wishes me good luck, and told me where to pick up the bus when I get done with my interview. It made me feel at ease.
Once I got in the building, I saw a new face at the reception desk. There was a different girl there, then there was at my last interview. I smiled and told her who I was, but that I was super early. She said she will wait to announce me until 15 mins prior to my interview. I changed my shoes, and went to the restroom. Then I decided to make some friendly conversation with the receptionist. I asked her when she started? And she said, I started Monday. I said, oh awesome! I said, “so you must love it?” She said, “Yes, I do.” I said, “that’s great, congratulations.” I saw the scene from mean girls in my head. The one where everyone is fighting around the water fountain the mall, but in reality, it can’t be like that. I turned to walk back to the sitting room. I sat in the same chair, as the one I sat in last time I was there, perhaps it was superstitious of me.
After a while, Lauren, the senior director of alumni engagement greeted me first, then we went into her manager’s office, Mara. Mara was nice, but you could tell she was busy, and this was the last thing she wanted to do, and probably didn’t really seem to care about my answers, but whatever. I answered the questions the best I could, but I can’t believe they lied to me and filled the positions last Monday. I was kind of focused on that and a little let down at that fact, but I had to be in the moment. I didn’t want to mess up this interview. I finished early with them, surprisingly. Lauren escorted me back down to the sitting room and went to tell Lynn that I was ready. Typically, finishing early is not a good sign. I waited for Lynn to greet me. She finally came down and told me she was suffering from a cold, and apologized.
When we went to her office, she told me that she apologized, and wasn’t sure if Gloria told me or not, but they filled the two positions. The receptionist and the data position. I said, no they did not tell me. She said, “Oh they didn’t, I am sorry.” I said, “thank you, but I understand and I am glad that you were able to find the right person for the role.” She said, “Thank you, tell me how you feel about this position? I said, “I feel as though this position is exactly what I was looking for, it combines admin and event coordination in to one positon. She said, I think you would be a good fit and I wanted you to be the first to have the opportunity to interview for it.” I was glad that she kept me in mind. She told me that they are in the beginning stages of this position, so it is going to be a while before we reach our decision. She said, “ I know you have been waiting so patiently and I apologize for that.” I said, “thank you, but I understand that this is how it goes sometimes. Then it was time for me to meet with Gloria. I didn’t get a chance to meet with Gloria last time, because she was sick. Lynn escorted me to the meeting room, where Gloria was waiting for us. Lynn said, Goodbye to me and happy holidays and said, we will be in touch.

When she exited, I shook hands with Gloria, and we sat down and had a good conversation about my work history and what I was looking for in a career. She promised to keep me informed and was sorry she didn’t let me know earlier with the last two positions. I said, I understand. I am just glad that I had the opportunity to interview.  We left on a good note. I was so exhausted after the interview.

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