Hair Appointment/Star Wars

Today, I had a hair appointment at 2:30pm. So I went over my parents for a little bit and played with my dogs before my hair appointment. After my hair appointment, I went home and waited for Drew to come home. He was on Christmas break as of today, so I had him until January 3rd. I was so excited to have him home with me for selfish reasons. When he got home, we got ready to go see the new Star Wars movie. I was so excited. My older man crush was in it. Mads! The movie was awesome! I even got a Star Wars shirt! I loved the movie, but Mads died. I love Darth Vader, too!
an1-088345_r-2157270b-b278-4ce6-8793-96cda0ccb4c8 vaderrogueone-0

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