Phone Interview & Dinner

This afternoon, I had my phone interview with the University of Pittsburgh at 1:40PM. A faculty member that I would be working closely in the theatre arts department was not able to interview me on Friday. I had more of a voice now and was looking forward to getting this over with, so they could start the decision-making process.
The phone interview went well. She asked me two questions similar to the questions that I was asked on Friday. I made sure my answer was consistent and clear. I took my time answering them and then asked her about her area of study. I think that was a good sign. Interviewees get so wrapped up in what they are going to say, instead of asking their potential co-workers about themselves. People love to talk about themselves, so now the ball is in their court and how many weeks left?
After the phone interview, I got a shower and got ready to go to my parents for the afternoon. I took Drew’s computer with me, so I could work on my blog. It is passing the time I guess. Before I left for my parents, I refreshed my e-mail and saw that Mach 1 e-mailed me such a beautifully written reject e-mail. Well and that was that. Finally, they let me know something.
On my way to my parents’, I got a phone call from the University. I thought wow that was fast! Here it was the Engineering Department. They wanted to interview me this Friday at 9am for their Administrator position. I gratefully accepted. Wow, another interview at the University! I asked her to send me a confirmation e-mail due to the fact that I am driving, and unfortunately, am not able to write anything down at the moment.
When I got to my parents, I started on my blog and caught up with my Dad about all that has been happening with the interviews at the University. He was pulling for me and hoping that something would come from one of them. I also told my dad about Mach 1.

After catching up with him, I started working on my blog until my mom came home.
When she came home, my dad made dinner. We had spaghetti and Mancini’s bread with salad. It was so yummy. It was just the right amount of comfort food that I needed.

Around 8pm, I drove home. I wanted to be home when Drew came home. He was on his way home from CCBC. He had an advisory board meeting to attend. I feel so bad for him because it is such a long day for him. He was so tired when he came home, but he was in a good mood, which I was glad about


Today, I woke up around 8:00AM and got a shower. I took my time getting ready, and left the house at a quarter after 9:00AM to get to the bus stop. I was keeping an eye on the bus tracker and I saw that a bus going to Oakland was due to come soon, and I should probably get on that one to make sure I was going to get down there early enough.

When I got to the bus stop, the bus didn’t take too long to get there, and it was on my way to Oakland. I missed being on the bus. I miss going to Oakland. Frankly, I missed everything about what it meant to work at the University.

When I arrived in Oakland, I went to the Cathedral for some hot tea, and a bagel, then it was up to Andrew’s floor to see him and spend some time with him for a bit. Andrew and I were able to hang out for a while, and I got to see some of his coworkers and of course they wished me well, and hoped that I felt better soon. I love his coworkers. I was so nervous for my interview. I changed my shoes at Andrew’s desk, and left my UGGS behind and I wore my heels around the cathedral. I stopped to see Emily and she gave me some advice for the job interview, and wished me well, then I had about 20 minutes to kill, so I took the elevator to the 16th floor and waited until it was 15 mins before the time of my interview to announce myself.
Right after, I told the work study who I was Pam took me back to the interview. I didn’t expect to get started that early, but hey let’s get this over with! The interview went well. Pam and Jacob were the only ones who really asked me questions. They asked me three questions and I made sure to take my time with the answers, and asked them to please excuse my cold. They were all accepting of the fact that I was ill, and seemed to really like my answers and how I described my past work experiences.
After the interview, Pam invited me to sit with Connie the woman was in the position, who had just been promoted. She wanted me to feel free to ask her any questions that I should have about the position, so that is what I did. I was glad that I had that chance. I wanted to take my time with her, as well. Connie and chatted about the position, and her daily responsibilities. She told me how important it is to have a relationship with the grad office, since I am partly working with the graduate applications, it will make my life easier.I valued her advice.
When I left the Theatre arts department, I felt confident. They said it would take 3 weeks for them to make their decision, but I was so hopeful and I can still feel myself being so hopeful and positive. I went back to Andrew’s floor and changed my shoes. He was surprised to see me back so soon. I told him that she took me early, and that it went really well, but they are going to need three weeks to make their decision. He said, “Three weeks?” I said, “Yea, three weeks.” I told him that I am still going to keep looking and it is what it is unfortunately. He agreed, and knew that I wasn’t going to stop looking After I left his desk, I went to the Music Department to see my old friends. I stopped into see Paula, and thanked for her all her help. She was glad to see me and asked how my interview went? I told her all went well, and I went into a little detail about it, but I was so sick with this cold, that I just really was in the moment and didn’t really feel like going into huge detail, but I was so grateful to her. I really tried to show it.
After leaving Paula’s office, I said hi to Matt, and to the chair of the department. He wished me luck, as well. Then I went to see Frank, and catch up with him. He said, that he and Ora have been butting heads, and he feels like the middle man between her and Paula. I knew that feeling all too well. I don’t miss that all. I guess they were getting bids together for the Jazz seminar and concert week. I told him that if I get this position, I will help him with as much as I can.
After visiting with Frank, I went to Phil’s office and he told me about his trip to Chicago for his opera. He said, it was fanfuckingtastic. He showed me some videos and it looked like it was awesome. The singers were magnetic. Phil and I caught up and he told me how much Paula went to bat for me, and says that Theatre Arts is the next best place for me to be, if not in the music department. I truly miss my friends.
After I left the music department, I went to the All Temps office on Craig Street, just to connect and make my presence known I guess. No one was available for me to speak to, so I left a handwritten note to both Kristen and Christine. I asked that they call me back, when one of them sees the note, and to reassure them that I am still interested in fulfilling ANY admin role. I wasn’t sure that I would hear back from them, or not.
On the way home, I went to my parents’ after I got my car, and told them how it went. Then I got a call from All Temps, and Christine encouraged me that I was still in her pool. She told me that it was a little slow lately, but she will definitely give me a call when she has something for me. I was glad to hear from her, but damn what took her so long for a simple phone call, but I have peace of mind now regarding the Temp Pool. When I got home, Drew and I ordered pizza, and watched Taboo. I couldn’t wait to just relax and get the weekend started.

Ear Infection/Steroid

Today, I decided to go to MedExpress after Dawson’s Creek. I needed to get my ear checked. I had some pain in my right ear, and I wasn’t sure if it was infected or not. I was hoping it wasn’t I do not want to be on another antibiotic. When I arrived, the place was packed. I was the last person to be seen in the waiting room. The doctor told me that the tube in my ear was clogged and she was going to put me on a steroid. I am to take 4 pills for four days, then slowly ween myself off. I have never been on a steroid before, so the first thing I did after I got home, was google the steroid. It can cause a yeast infection, increased appetite, etc.

When Drew came home, we called his mom. She talked to us about the medicine, about the job interview at the University tomorrow, and even prayed with us for a great day tomorrow. I am so nervous. I want this so bad, and it sucks that I am sick.

Crafton/Hair Appointment

Today, I just hung out until it was time to go to my hair appointment. I went to Crafton for a bit and hung out with my dogs and brushed their teeth for the first time. They didn’t seem to mind it too much. My mom brought Wendy’s home for us for dinner. Then it was time for me to leave for my hair appointment.
When I got to the salon, I sat in the chair and waited for her to call me back. When it was time for me to sit in her chair. She asked, “if I was sick with a cold, then why I was there sick since she is having brain surgery in two weeks.” I said, “I just have a cold, and I have an interview on Friday and I need my hair done.” I don’t give a shit really. Her job is to do my hair, if she is that worried about her surgery then perhaps she shouldn’t be working. I just wasn’t in the mood for her and her comments. I just wanted my hair done, and to feel better. Sorry, not sorry if I sound insensitive. After my hair appointment, I went home and waited for Drew to come home from the gym.


When I woke up, I was supposed to go to lunch with my mom, but I cancelled on her. I was still so sick. I needed to just stay home. I have an interview at Pitt on Friday for a job I really want. I felt bad cancelling on her, but I had to. I needed to rest.
In the afternoon, I left Mach1 a voicemail. I needed to follow up with them. I hadn’t heard anything from them, so I knew it was possibility that I wasn’t going to get the position, but I needed to close the gap, or at least “act” like I was interested. I called and he didn’t answer, so I left a voicemail, whatever. As far as I am concerned Mach 1 is not going to happen for me and I need to focus on Pitt.

Hangover/ Vet Appointment

This morning, Drew texted me when he woke up, and said, Morning Bub! I called him after I got out of the shower. He told me that he was going to leave there in a few minutes. He sounded so hung over. I thought oh great! I made my parents cinnamon rolls as a token of my gratitude for them and all that they bought me.
When Drew arrived, I grabbed the dogs and we took them to the vet. Drew looked so miserable and was so hungover. I thought oh great. Well, thank God, that my parents cancelled dinner because my dad wasn’t feeling too good. I knew Drew probably wasn’t going to make it anyway. My parents were supposed to have their friends over for dinner before they left for Florida, but I was glad they canceled.
At the vet, the dogs were so good besides having to go to the bathroom all the time. They had a good report for the most part. Drew did not say much anything the entire time. He dropped us back off at my parents’ and I got my stuff packed up in my car to go home. I wasn’t sure what today was going to bring. My parents gave me some of the food that they were going to cook today. I planned on making it tomorrow. I knew today was going to be a day where he was going to be pretty much useless.
When I got home, he was in the bathroom. I asked him to help me bring my stuff in, but I just decided to bring it all in myself, and not make a big deal about it. When all I had left was the crockpot and my pillow. He was on his way to come to help me. He apologized. I said, “It’s okay baby.” I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it. I got it. He went up to the bed, and I napped with him for a little bit. Then I got up and went downstairs. I decided to go to Wendy’s and get myself some dinner. I didn’t feel like cooking for myself. I finally woke him up at about 4:30pm.
When he came downstairs, I got him settled on the floor. I offered to go get him some food. He wanted Burger King. I left the house and got burger king for him and brought it back. He was grateful and felt better after eating. We laid on the floor together and watched John Wick, then caught up on our shows. I was glad that we were being nice to each other. He was slowly on the mend.

A Night at my Parents/Retail Therapy

This morning, I said goodbye to Drew since he was going to Ben’s after work for an inauguration party. I was going to my parents for the night, later. I already feel like I am going to miss him. When I woke up, I did some laundry, but I called the endodontist and they said they could get me in at 1045am. I was having some pain, and more pain than usual I thought. I don’t remember being in this much pain, during last root canal. So, I didn’t get a chance to put in his work clothes in the wash, but oh well.
On my way to the endodontist out in Wexford, Anthony called me and said that he wasn’t going to be ready in time and apologized. I wanted him to go with me for support. When I finally arrived out in Wexford, the office was closed. I call the number back and told them that the door was locked. She said, “Oh your appointment is at the Cranberry location.” So I turned around and drove 19 more minutes out of my way to the Cranberry location. Thankfully, I was seeing the same doctor. She drilled the filling out of the bite, and numbed me AGAIN! She said, that I was going to be in some pain, especially because I was in pain before arriving to the her for the procedure. She prescribed me a steroid in case I should need it to speed the healing, and suggested I make my cleaning appointment two weeks from Monday. Ugh!
When I left the office, I called Drew he was busy at work, but we were able to talk for a bit. I updated him and he was glad that all that I was going through was normal. I drove straight to my parents and was so excited to see my dogs. I didn’t want to go back home. I got the car packed up, as well before I left. I just didn’t want to go back to the empty townhouse. I couldn’t wait to see my dogs! When I arrived, they gave me kisses! I laid down on the couch with them, until my mom came home.
When my mom came home, we fed the dogs, and left to go to the North Hills. We wanted to go to Chili’s, but couldn’t find Chili’s. We missed the turn off, so we went to Bonefish. We sat at the bar and had a nice dinner and conversation. It was nice to sit at the bar. We never sit at the bar.  I had two beers, despite being on antibiotics. I missed Drew so much.
After dinner, we went to Nordstrom Rack and Saks off Fifth. I couldn’t find anything at Saks, but I did find a nice black dress and a kate spade purse at Nordstrom Rack. I am so spoiled, but I got to get both! My parents are the best. I love my little purse.

After shopping, we stopped at Shop n Save on the way home, and I got the ingredients for my dip that I am supposed to make for dinner tomorrow. When we went home, we watched the inauguration balls, and then it was off to bed.