Anthony’s New Position

This morning, I woke up and it was Friday finally. I got up around 10am, and made some coffee and watched Dawson’s Creek, applied for jobs, and talked to Anthony. He is on his way over eventually. He had a job interview downtown at PNC for an operations associate. He told me about the job and how he found it on Linkedin. I think saw that one. I didn’t apply for it, because Drew used to work for PNC and he hated it. I know I am not in a situation to be picky, but I can’t help but be.This is not how I thought 2017 was going to turn out. If I think about what I envisioned for the start of this year, then I will start to cry. I am trying to stay busy. I did make a therapy appointment. I called yesterday. I found out that she is leaving and starting her own private practice in the South Hills. This was the second person that I talked to who was moving on, and probably not going to be someone I can go to for help anymore. The thought of starting over with a new therapist makes me feel anxiety ridden as it is. I don’t want to go back. I want to go forward.
When Anthony, came over we chatted out his interview. He did get the offer, and is so excited about his job at PNC, as an operations associate. I was so happy for him. I didn’t feel jealous of him at all. I wanted him to be happy and I am glad he is staying in Pittsburgh now. We talked about my situation, and how excited he is to finally get out of Friday’s.
When Drew came hme from work, Anthony was still there. Drew was excited for him to hear about his new job, and we all talked for a while, then Anthony went home to drink wine and celebrate his new position.
When Anthony left, Drew and I talked about his Anthony’s new position. All I know is that I want a job so badly, but I am not about to take someone’s glitter away, because I am not happy. I am not that kind of person. Andrew and I went to Giant Eagle, and got some beers, pizza, and chips. We were on a junk food binge. We also stopped at the Redbox and rented Jason Bourne. By the time we got home, made the pizzas and drank a couple beers we were tired and had to save the movie for tomorrow.

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