Melissa & Mike

Today, we both had chiropractor appointments at Dr. Bailey’s. We were both pretty out of it. After Dr. Bailey’s we went to Starbucks, and I tried the new Butterscotch latte it was pretty yummy. While we were there, we sampled the reserve coffee. They brew it on this machine called the Clover. It was too strong for me, even with cream and sugar. When we left, I poured mine out in the parking lot, and Andrew mixed the reserve with his regular coffee. He put both in his Yeti.
When we were on the way to Lowes in Robinson, he had such road rage, and was so mean to the drivers on the road and had zero patience. I told him no more Reserve! He knew he was being a little feisty and on edge. We picked up the stuff that we needed at Lowe’s and then we went to Walmart in Moon to get a few things as well.
While we were in Walmart, we ran into Mike and Melissa Oblinger. Melissa was in my graduating class at OLSH. She married a man named Mike, who was in the class that graduated right after us. I always thought her boyfriend was so annoying. Melissa and I hugged and got to talking about the reunion and who she has talked to, since high school. Towards the end of the conversation, I invited them to our house in Moon for dinner. I looked at Andrew and realized that this was an impulse decision and I asked if it was okay? He said, definitely. We decided to order pizza, even though we just had pizza. Mike and Melissa were going to bring a bag of chips, a bottle of rum and coke. I was so excited to have them over, but now we have to clean the house. We said they should come over about 6pm.
After Walmart, we went home and did a quick power clean. I brought out the photo albums and the old letters from high school that I kept. I put them on the chaise for the when they came over, so Melissa could see our memories. I will admit. I knew that seeing her was going to be a bit nostalgic for me. Melissa represents a time where things were easy for me in the beginning, but she also represents a time of change for me. Melissa wrote me a letter warning me of my feelings for Bryan and how they would forever change me. She pretty much foreshadowed my heartbreak and my life after, and she saw what was going to happen down the road, and warned me. Of course, I was too naïve to heed her warnings and people don’t live their life based on warnings of others, but she was right. She was right in so many ways. She was and still is an old soul, and someone that I respected even on the days where she was supposed, “mad at me.” The woman changed her moods so often, and one could always tell what mood she was in that day, and whether she was going to be your friend that or not, but she owned herself that is what I respect.
When Melissa and Mike arrived, we started making drinks. I sent Andrew and Mike to the UniMart to get ice and paper plates. I didn’t want to clean any dishes that night. While Mike and Andrew were at the UniMart, I showed Melissa that binder of notes we used to pass back and forth. I told her she was right, about Bryan and about everything. She said, it does change you in ways that you can’t describe, but it just does. She said, looking back I don’t know why I wanted Kevin. I don’t know what I saw in him. Granted my situation with Bryan was a tad different, than the one she had with Kevin, but we both loved with our whole hearts and had devastating breakups. She told me that she saw Bryan at Gander mountain and she said to Mike, is that Bryan? Mike, I think that’s Bryan and Mike not wanting any weird situation to erupt didn’t answer her, until they walked out of the store, and said, yes it was.
Throughout the night, we tried to censor our conversation, so Drew didn’t feel so awkward. We tried not to bring up Bryan, and everything, but that was the last boyfriend she saw me with, and the last time I saw Melissa and actually hung out with her, was my high school graduation party. We had so much to talk about. Mike and Melissa didn’t leave until around 2am. When they left, Drew and I cleaned up a little, then went to bed. I was so glad to see her, but I did miss her and our friendship, and it made me miss our memories.

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