Root Canal Pt. 2

Today, I got up at 8:00am and got a shower, and then Drew got in the shower. We were on our way to the endodentist on McKnight Road the mood was lite and fun. When I was called back, which was about a half hour past my appointment time, they numbed me with three shots in my cheek and then started the procedure. It didn’t take long and I was so relaxed that I was sort of falling asleep in the chair.
After the procedure was over, they told me to not chew on my left side, and told me to take Augmenten for my antibiotic to cure any infection and to stop taking the Amoxicillin. Another trip to the Pharmacy. She also gave me more Vicodin for pain. I didn’t want to fill the Vicodin, but I did have to get the Augmenten filled. When I entered the waiting room, I gave Drew the thumbs up. I didn’t have any feeling or any pain, so I thought this was good and finally had some relief. He laughed, when he saw me give him the thumbs up.
On our way home, he wasn’t all the light and joking. He didn’t seem to be in a good mood at all. We stopped at Starbucks and he got me a caramel frappicuno and he got a java chip frap. We went to Giant Eagle and got the script filled, but it seemed like the whole time he didn’t really talk much. My script was only $6 dollars, which wasn’t too bad. He asked if I wanted to get soup at the made to order buffet. I checked there wasn’t anything I wanted, but there was soup in the cooler packaged, that was stuff pepper soup. I got that instead. Drew got some stir fry that they made in the deli. He sat and ate his stir fry while we were waiting for my script to be filled. The whole time he was eating he didn’t talk to me and hardly looked at me. I was starting to fall asleep at the table. I felt so out of it, and was bummed that he seemed so miserable with me.
Once we got the script, we left and went home. When I got home, I got into bed hoping he would just snuggle me, but he didn’t seem the least bit interested. I confronted him about it. I am so needy. I hate going through all this and being unemployed. It’s not a good day at all.

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