Interview # 1

Today, Andrew was playful when he left for work, and I took my antibiotics and my Motrin. My mouth is so tender when I am not on the Motrin, or when it wears off. I slept pretty well though. When he left, I went back to bed. I woke up to a phone call from the University. I recognized the number. I was so excited.  I quickly answered it.
When they announced themselves, it wasn’t All Temps, but it was the Theatre Arts department. I applied a while ago for the academic administrator position. Paula put in a good word for me. I am so excited. I graciously accepted the chance to interview and told Pamela that I am looking forward to meeting her and having a chance to interview. I quickly wrote down the information.

When I got off the phone with her, I called Andrew. He was so happy for me. I was so excited. He printed out the job description for me and extra copies of my resume. I am so happy, finally! I really want this position. I really want to work at the University, but if I learned anything from CMU, it is not to get too excited before it is time to get excited. I can already feel myself putting so much stock emotionally, into this opportunity to interview. I just don’t want to ruin it. I want this position. I want to work at the University more than anything.

Last night, Andrew asked me if I heard back from anyone. I said no not yet. I need to get back to applying for things even though I am waiting to hear back from Mach 1. I have been focusing on all this medical stuff that has been happening to me lately. My root canal, and skin removal procedures. It has been distracting me from applying, but at the same time I am trying. I just hope Andrew sees that.

Today, I had planned on applying and getting back into the motion of looking for jobs even though I was still waiting on Mach 1, then Pitt called, and Dawson’s Creek came on, so I am thinking I will apply after Dawson’s Creek and I need to do laundry, as well and get ready to go to my parents tomorrow.

This evening, I think Drew might go to the gym. I am still not ready yet to go to the gym yet. I am still so tender. I am going to just hang back, and perhaps write some more. I feel like things are turning around. I can feel it. I want to do all that I can to keep it flowing in the right direction. Well I did end up going to the gym,and did some lite walking. I also got a call from Anthony. He said that he wanted to see if I wanted to perhaps stay at his house tonight. I told him no, I can’t tonight, but he wanted me to get up in the morning and take a dry run with him on the bus so he can prepare for Monday. I said I would do that, but we ended up cancelling due to the fact that Moon Bus wouldn’t take us back in time, since it only runs until 9:30am. After the gym, I went home and got some things taken care of around the house and waited for Drew to come home.

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