Hangover/ Vet Appointment

This morning, Drew texted me when he woke up, and said, Morning Bub! I called him after I got out of the shower. He told me that he was going to leave there in a few minutes. He sounded so hung over. I thought oh great! I made my parents cinnamon rolls as a token of my gratitude for them and all that they bought me.
When Drew arrived, I grabbed the dogs and we took them to the vet. Drew looked so miserable and was so hungover. I thought oh great. Well, thank God, that my parents cancelled dinner because my dad wasn’t feeling too good. I knew Drew probably wasn’t going to make it anyway. My parents were supposed to have their friends over for dinner before they left for Florida, but I was glad they canceled.
At the vet, the dogs were so good besides having to go to the bathroom all the time. They had a good report for the most part. Drew did not say much anything the entire time. He dropped us back off at my parents’ and I got my stuff packed up in my car to go home. I wasn’t sure what today was going to bring. My parents gave me some of the food that they were going to cook today. I planned on making it tomorrow. I knew today was going to be a day where he was going to be pretty much useless.
When I got home, he was in the bathroom. I asked him to help me bring my stuff in, but I just decided to bring it all in myself, and not make a big deal about it. When all I had left was the crockpot and my pillow. He was on his way to come to help me. He apologized. I said, “It’s okay baby.” I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it. I got it. He went up to the bed, and I napped with him for a little bit. Then I got up and went downstairs. I decided to go to Wendy’s and get myself some dinner. I didn’t feel like cooking for myself. I finally woke him up at about 4:30pm.
When he came downstairs, I got him settled on the floor. I offered to go get him some food. He wanted Burger King. I left the house and got burger king for him and brought it back. He was grateful and felt better after eating. We laid on the floor together and watched John Wick, then caught up on our shows. I was glad that we were being nice to each other. He was slowly on the mend.

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