Ear Infection/Steroid

Today, I decided to go to MedExpress after Dawson’s Creek. I needed to get my ear checked. I had some pain in my right ear, and I wasn’t sure if it was infected or not. I was hoping it wasn’t I do not want to be on another antibiotic. When I arrived, the place was packed. I was the last person to be seen in the waiting room. The doctor told me that the tube in my ear was clogged and she was going to put me on a steroid. I am to take 4 pills for four days, then slowly ween myself off. I have never been on a steroid before, so the first thing I did after I got home, was google the steroid. It can cause a yeast infection, increased appetite, etc.

When Drew came home, we called his mom. She talked to us about the medicine, about the job interview at the University tomorrow, and even prayed with us for a great day tomorrow. I am so nervous. I want this so bad, and it sucks that I am sick.

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