Phone Interview & Dinner

This afternoon, I had my phone interview with the University of Pittsburgh at 1:40PM. A faculty member that I would be working closely in the theatre arts department was not able to interview me on Friday. I had more of a voice now and was looking forward to getting this over with, so they could start the decision-making process.
The phone interview went well. She asked me two questions similar to the questions that I was asked on Friday. I made sure my answer was consistent and clear. I took my time answering them and then asked her about her area of study. I think that was a good sign. Interviewees get so wrapped up in what they are going to say, instead of asking their potential co-workers about themselves. People love to talk about themselves, so now the ball is in their court and how many weeks left?
After the phone interview, I got a shower and got ready to go to my parents for the afternoon. I took Drew’s computer with me, so I could work on my blog. It is passing the time I guess. Before I left for my parents, I refreshed my e-mail and saw that Mach 1 e-mailed me such a beautifully written reject e-mail. Well and that was that. Finally, they let me know something.
On my way to my parents’, I got a phone call from the University. I thought wow that was fast! Here it was the Engineering Department. They wanted to interview me this Friday at 9am for their Administrator position. I gratefully accepted. Wow, another interview at the University! I asked her to send me a confirmation e-mail due to the fact that I am driving, and unfortunately, am not able to write anything down at the moment.
When I got to my parents, I started on my blog and caught up with my Dad about all that has been happening with the interviews at the University. He was pulling for me and hoping that something would come from one of them. I also told my dad about Mach 1.

After catching up with him, I started working on my blog until my mom came home.
When she came home, my dad made dinner. We had spaghetti and Mancini’s bread with salad. It was so yummy. It was just the right amount of comfort food that I needed.

Around 8pm, I drove home. I wanted to be home when Drew came home. He was on his way home from CCBC. He had an advisory board meeting to attend. I feel so bad for him because it is such a long day for him. He was so tired when he came home, but he was in a good mood, which I was glad about

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