Inspirational Day

Today, Drew was going to go to the Chiropractor, and I was going to lunch with my mom. I left the house at 11:30am to meet my mom. When I got to Rockefeller’s, I was the first one there, I was seated in a booth by the window, and waited for my mom. When my mom got there, I gave her a hug. I was happy to see her.

During lunch, a man sat in the booth behind my mom and was waiting for someone to meet him. Well that someone was Tim. He was a boy I went to high school with, and I remember us being friends for the most part. He was always there for me. During our senior year I was strung out over Bryan and he was there for me, he got in Bryan’s face and told him to leave me alone. Tim confided in me during our senior prom, while we were dancing, that he wanted to date me, and that he really liked me. He just knew I wouldn’t go for him. I felt awkward. I was so shallow back then, and I came along way. I think part of me knew we just weren’t going to work anyways.

When he sat down across from the man in the booth behind my mom, I got up and talked to him. He was happy to see me, and gave me a hug. He introduced me to his pastor. I said, “Oh wow, nice to meet you.” I shook his hand, but wow his pastor. I went back to the booth and took a seat across from my mother. I filled her in and reminded her who he was, and about how he was there for me during high school, and now he is super Christian. I never thought he would be super Christian. I don’t know people change. I think over time people can definitely change, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

After lunch, I went home and I did bring home my lunch. I couldn’t eat it all. It was so huge. I got a calzone, but my eyes were bigger than my tummy. After while Drew came home from the Chiropractor, and told him about Tim, and I let Drew he the rest of my calzone. I texted Melissa and told her about how I saw Tim. During our conversation, Melissa said, “I know this may be out of the blue, but I just wanted to say Thank You.” She told me that she is grateful that I told her that I used to go to therapy, and it gave her the strength to go, she made two appointments and cancelled them both. I can’t explain how I felt. I was extremely touched. I felt like I was an inspiration. I remember being so apprehensive about therapy, and never wanting to be that girl who goes to therapy, but I can really say that it did help, and it did work. I am so glad I could be there for her, and that fact that I was strong for myself, lead to being stronger for someone else. I can’t explain it. I was so touched. My mom said, it is as if I have a light in me, and it is a light for other people to be inspired by. Drew told me he was so proud of me, and happy for me.

Bottom Line; my life is so beautiful, so damn beautiful. I sometimes don’t always see how beautiful it actually is. Yes, I am going through a rough time right now with this employment situation, but to be light for someone, to be an inspiration to someone is such an amazing feeling. I dedicate this blog entry to her, my friend Melissa, who has always been such a strong and amazing woman, even from the moment we became friends. She was always so strong, and so much older mentally and emotionally. Melissa, you are an inspiration to me as well. Don’t ever be afraid to seek out help with getting out of your own head, be open to a different way of thinking things through. Strong people are the ones that seek the counsel. The weak continue down the same path that never works for them time and time again.

Valentines Day

Today is Valentine’s Day! When I woke up at 7am, I immediately woke Drew up, and told him to get up it is 7am! He said are you serious!? He never set his alarm last night. He must have forgotten. He got a shower and got dressed, then he was on his way out the door. I went back to sleep until about 9am and went downstairs to watch Dawson’s Creek mini-marathon. I love this show.

Right now it is 12pm, and I just got out of the shower, made a hair appointment for March 18th at Dani’s Hair Loft in Kennedy, a new place I am trying out. I have to stop at Walmart eventually. This evening we are going to the gym, then coming back home and giving each other our Valentine’s Day cards. We planned to celebrate this weekend. Hopefully, we will have more to celebrate if this interview on Friday goes well! To be honest, I feel as though I have not given this whole interview much thought. I am not sure what to think honestly. I want it, I do. I just don’t like that I feel as though I have been cavalier about it. To me, that’s not a good sign. I also forgot about the Engineering interview that I went on. I am not sure what is happening there. It will be two weeks on Friday. My mind is sort of everywhere right now.

When Drew was getting ready to leave work, he told me he wasn’t feeling too well. I felt bad, but I still wanted to go to the gym, since I felt like I desperately needed to go. When I was on the way to the gym. I called him because he was in his car driving home. I wanted to see if he needed anything from the store. He asked for Gatorade and soup. When I got to the gym, I did the treadmill for a session, but I wanted to be home with Drew. One because it was Valentine’s Day, and two because he was sick.

When I got home from the store, thank God the screen door was unlocked, it typically never is, when I am due home. I went upstairs and he was in bed. I asked him if he wanted soup, and he did, so he got up, and we went downstairs and watched television, and I made him soup and got him Gatorade over ice. Then we went to bed. He sent an e-mail calling off tomorrow. I was happy to have him home tomorrow.

My Parents’ Wedding

Today, we woke up around 9am. We had a nice breakfast together. We made eggs, bacon, and cut up some avocado, then we put it on a wrap and it is amazing! After breakfast, he iced his back and stretched some. I went up and got a shower and started getting ready. My parents were getting remarried again today.

Once we left the house, it was 1pm. We stopped at Starbucks on the way. Once we got to the church, it was 1:45pm. We were the first ones there. Drew dropped me off, so I wouldn’t have too far to walk with my heels. It felt really cool to be back in the church where we married. I saw it as a new beginning for so many reasons and on so many different levels. Andrew arrived with Anthony. My parents arrived shortly after. We practiced our readings.

When my parents arrived with my bouquet, we pinned on the boutonnieres, then it was time to get the ceremony underway. We all sat in the first pew until it was time to come for vowels. Andrew did the first reading. I read the New Testament reading, and Anthony read the response and the prayers of the faithful. When it was time to come for vows, Anthony video recorded their vows from the pew. I kept looking at Drew and we would smile at each other, and wink. It wasn’t too long ago that we were up there, saying our vows to one, another. I think about how far we have come and how much life has challenged our love, and faith in our marriage, and we made it! I want us to continue to make it no matter what the challenge.

After the ceremony, we took cheesy pictures, and Fr. Gizler talked to us a bit, then we left and went back to my parents’ house. Anthony, Drew, and I drank some beers and had some chips before it was time to leave for dinner. We went to Atria’s, in the Northshore for dinner. It seems like a lot of new bars when in down there. We are never down there unless it was a game. Dinner was alright. I had two martinis and was enjoying the evening. BB and Doug went us down there, and that was the first time they really, “met” Anthony. It was a beautiful day and evening.

After dinner, we went back to my parents for a triple chocolate cake. We ate so much and drank so much. Andrew, Anthony, and I left when BB and Doug left. I was so tired. When we got home, I put my bouquet and his boutonniere in water, and then I got up and got washed off, and then we watched a little bit of television, but I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. I couldn’t wait to go to bed.