Sunday Dinner

Today, I was supposed to go with my dad to church at Saint Simon and Jude, for his confirmation meeting, but it was cancelled, so there goes that. I was kind of glad. My mom was cooking us dinner tonight, so I wasn’t sure what time I was going to head over there. I didn’t feel like going to the gym, but Drew was going to go and sit in the sauna and the steam room. He was still coughing a good bit.

When I left to go to my parents it was about 2pm, and Drew went to the gym. I couldn’t wait to see my Paris and Louie. I cuddled with them until my parents came home from grocery shopping. When my parents came home, we all relaxed until Drew got there.

At one point, we went down to the basement, and found 14 year old coors light sitting in this old fridge, I was disgusted. I even opened it and sipped it. I was so bitter. We showed Drew and said, oh wow that is gross. My parents forgot it was even there.

Dinner was yummy. We had chicken casserole, and Drew got to take the rest home for lunch tomorrow. When we came home, we watched some of the Oscars then it was time for him to get ready for another week. I was tired.

Cafe. Dan’s Birthday Bowling Party

Today, I went to the gym in the morning for an hour. I didn’t want to sit around and watch the reruns of the Hills anymore. I just needed to get out. I was so bored and feeling a bit anxiety ridden, exercise helps. I did the treadmill and the elliptical, but it felt like there were too many people around. After the elliptical, I went home.

On my way home, I needed to get into a project. It was 74 degrees outside! I opened the windows, and started putting away some heavy sweaters, that I know I am not going to wear anymore for the rest of the winter. I knew it was going to get colder again next week, but I needed something to do and I am home anyway. I called Leanne while I was putting clothes away in the garage. I told her about the drama, and she thought it was funny. I said, he is a bit of a wild card. People change, but I don’t know about that one. Leanne was saying how tired she was, and needs a nap before the party tonight.

After organizing everything, and putting everything away. I was exhausted. I logged on my computer and saw that the position I have been waiting on was reposted. It kind of threw me for a loop, because does that mean either Danielle’s are not viable candidates for this position, or did it expire? And they have to keep it up until it is filled, even though they have narrowed it down to two Danielle’s! I am going insane.

On the other hand, CCAC North Hills called me, and wants to interview me next Friday at 10am for the their temp pool. They have a temp position open. I was excited about that, but its not the position that I wanted.

When Drew came home, we had a moment together, and we talked about how hard things have been for me. He told me that Dr. Bailey, said he was fighting off a cold, and all his symptoms were coming and going, but his immune system is strong. I was glad that he was fighting it off, but shocked that it was a cold, and not allergies. He also told me what was causing the smell in his car, and it was the pork chops that we bought from the grocery store last weekend, they slid under the passenger seat. Needless to say, we had to throw those away. We got ready and left to go to the café in Aliquippa to meet his parents for dinner.

When we arrived at the Café, Brett was happy to see us, and as usual let us sample two different beers. One as Creme Brulee, and the other was a citrus hoppy one. I can’t remember the name of it. I just got a small miller lite. I was feeling a little down, emotional, and anxiety ridden waiting for the University of Pittsburgh to call. When his parents came in, they sat across from us, and it didn’t take long for me to start crying. Talking about this job situation is testing me. I am trying to stay so positive and do whatever I can, but I am just so sick of being unemployed. His parents said that I am doing everything I can and it is hard. This is life, but it makes you stronger. Something is going to happen for you. You just have to stay positive and straighten that crown of favor. She told me to say some affirmations under my breath and thank Jesus for my gifts and all that he has given me. I could do more of that actually.

After dinner, we went home to put the watermelon beer in the fridge that Brett gave us, and the rest of my salad that I couldn’t finish. Then it was back out the door again to go to Dan and Mikey’s birthday party, which was going to be at Crafton bowling lanes. I told Drew that my ex Bumper was going to be there. I just wanted to let him know so he wasn’t blindsided. It is actually okay for us all to be in the same room now. I didn’t do too bad at bowling. Nikki, Leanne’s sister came with her new boyfriend. They brought a bottle of fireball. I never tried it before. It was yummy. It tasted just like big red gum. I think I bowled better when I was sipping it. I will admit it. I kicked back a bit, but I made sure not to get drunk. It would only make things worse for me emotionally.

After bowling we went home and went to bed. Drew was starting to feel worse. I was actually surprised he last the whole time, not feeling well.

Lunch With Mama

Today, I went to lunch with my mom at Bobby Dees. It seems as though she is my lucky charm. When I was out to lunch with her and my dad last time, Pitt called for a second interview. On my way to the restaurant, I picked her up at her work. I figured we are both going to the same place, anyways. She was happy to see me.

When we got to the restaurant, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to eat. I got a fish sandwich. I seem to always get that when we go out to lunch. Their fish is so good! Pretty soon it will be lent and we will be eating our fill in fish.

After lunch, I took my mom back to work and then I went to my parent’s house. I needed to soak off my nails, and see my dogs. I know I just got my nails done, but they are truly not for me anymore, and I missed my real nails. It was a decision made on impulse and boredom. Luckily, I didn’t have to pay for them.

When Drew came home, I told him that I wasn’t making dinner. I didn’t feel good throughout the day. I actually vomited before he came home. I think the acetone got to me. I was feeling so sick and light-headed. He went to the gym that night and just hung out in the sauna and the steam room. He was feeling a little out of it. He thinks he may have allergies. I did bring him home some Benedryl, but I wasn’t sure he actually had allergies. When I was on my way home from my parents, I stopped and picked up some Claritin for him, but it seemed to not be working so much for him. He asked if I could call Dr. Bailey’s in the afternoon tomorrow and make him an appointment for tomorrow evening.

Later on that evening, I kept getting phone calls from a blocked number. I had an idea of who it might be. A couple days ago, a longtime friend of mine, Geoff started working with Moon Police. He has an on and off girlfriend named Brandy. He has told me all about her and has asked for my advice regarding their relationship, and I would give him the best advice I can. There is nothing going on romantically with me and Geoff. We even talked about him buying our townhome, next year since he has to be moved out of Penn Hills in a year. I have texted Geoff to ask him how it was going working for Moon police, and I think it pissed off his girlfriend. She was the one calling me on a blocked number. She was incessantly calling me. I told Drew about the conversation and was honest with him about what we talked about, and I told him what was happening. He said, Babe, you are going to have to call her and put an end to it, so she stops calling. Well, she texted me and asked me to tell if there is anything she should know.

When I called her, I introduced myself and told her how Geoff and I just friends and there was never anything going on between us, and that I live in Moon with my husband, and we were looking to sell Geoff our house. I know all about who you are, and I know what you two have been through, and I have never heard him so into someone before, and he does have a ton of friends that are girls. I couldn’t tell her honestly, what Geoff has told me, but a part of me wanted to. I felt bad for her, but I feel bad for Geoff too. She said, Well I appreciate you calling me and telling me everything. I said, woman to woman I hope it works out for you both and good luck. She said, “thank you.” I never have felt the need to be that insecure with a boyfriend. I just never thought twice about it. I don’t know. Drew was supportive and thought it was a bunch of drama. He said we will find another buyer.

Laundry. Applications. Ice Cream

This morning, I woke up to a phone call from Leanne. I didn’t answer it, then she texted me. I wasn’t sure I wanted to walk today. I had some things I needed to do here. I wasn’t feeling like I would be good company. I got a shower, called my mom, and then called Leanne. Leanne said she was feeling queasy as well. I told her I was feeling the same way after eating that shamrock shake. She said I think it is going to rain today, anyways, but I wanted to walk. I said, yea, but it looks pretty cloudy out here as well. She said, she was just probably going to watch television all day, but I wanted to watch Dawson, and do some things around the house.

When I got off the phone with Leanne, I threw some laundry in and made some coffee. I put dinner in the crockpot and threw some onions and carrots in, along with some seasoning, so dinner will be ready by the time Drew gets home. Now I am watching the last episode of Dawson’s Creek for today, and typing up this entry. I keep checking my phone, refreshing my e-mail, and checking PittSource. I am trying not to go insane. Drew texted me and told me that he is feeling off today. I hope feels better throughout the day. I rely so much on him when he gets home. He is my own interaction sometimes after a day of being in the house by myself, but hopefully, this will change soon!

When Drew got home, we had dinner, then we went to Cold Stone to get ice cream. He texted me earlier if I wanted to go and try to soak up this nice weather. I am so down for ice cream. When we got to Cold Stone, I always get the birthday cake remix, but I was in the mood for something a little less sweet, and not so childish. I got banana-flavored ice cream with caramel and walnuts in it. It was the perfect amount of sweet that I wanted that day. I don’t particularly care for Cold Stone, but I know Drew likes it. I am more of a simple kind of ice cream gal, and that is Dairy Queen. I haven’t had Dairy Queen in so long! Cold stone was yummy, and when we went home, I kept noticing how nasty his car smelled. We both couldn’t figure out why. He thought it was the coffee thermos that he just brought in that did have some coffee left in it.

Leanne. Nails. Shamrock Shakes

This morning, Leanne called me and woke me up. She wanted to know if I wanted to go to breakfast with her at Hanlon’s and go walking around her neighborhood. I agreed to come over. She asked if I could stop and get the bank card from Dan at his work. I told her I would stop there on my way to meet her at Hanlon’s. I figured there is no reason for her to come to Robinson, if she is just getting gas in Crafton, and then meeting me at Hanlon’s. I got out of bed, and put some gym clothes on and packed a bag in case I shower at her house.

When I got to Hanlon’s, her mom met us for breakfast as well. We all ordered and had hot coffee. It was fun to hang out with her and her mom. After breakfast, we went back to her house, and she put on her work out pants, then we went walking. We walked for two miles, listened to music on her phone, and talked about anything that came to our minds. We had such a good walk.

When we got back to her house, we chugged some water and started looking through her old CDs. We grabbed a good stack of them, and then drove to the shop. Listening to all the old songs that we used to listen to when she would drive us around made me feel nostalgic. The days where I was in school and spending time cruising around with her in her Chrysler 300M not having really a care in the world, except making sure I had time to get my homework done. Now she is married and a mom. I am out of school trying to figure out my employment situation, and I am married. Things have changed slightly, but the music and the memories remained.  She put my nails back on for me, and then we left to go get Maci.

When we picked up Maci from school, Jada, who is Leanne’s niece attends the same school as Maci, wanted to come with us to get Shamrock shakes. After we got the shakes, we dropped Jada off at her friend’s house, then it was back to Leanne’s house. The shake made my stomach feel a bit queasy. I had to go home and get dinner ready for Drew. I like being home when he gets home, but it was fun to hang out with Leanne. It was a pleasant distraction from waiting for the University to call me.

When I got home, I started dinner. I knew Drew was probably going to the gym. I didn’t feel like going. I didn’t feel well. I made some chicken in the oven, threw some laundry in the washer, and I applied for two jobs. One with Chatham, and one with RMU. I haven’t been home for two days, so I was behind on laundry, and household duties, and I was two days behind on Dawson’s Creek!

When Drew came home, we talked for a bit before he left for the gym. He noticed my nails and seemed to like them. He got ready for the gym. I stayed behind and watched the Hills, did some more laundry and ate some chicken and broccoli. When Drew came home, we got ready watched the second to the last episode of Taboo, then went to bed.

Dentist Temporary Crown

Today, I had an appointment at the Dentist for my temporary crown placement. I was hoping it wasn’t going to hurt. I have had enough dental pain for a while! I got up around 9am got a shower, and then ate some yogurt and made some coffee.  I left the house at 11:30am. After the dentist, I planned to hang out with Leanne. I didn’t get in the dental chair until 12:00pm. It took an hour and a half! I was out of there at 1:30pm. I texted Leanne that I was on my way. She and I talked on the phone until I got to the shop.

When I arrived at the salon, Maci ran into my arms and I lifted her up. I was so happy to see her. I love my little Maci bear. I turned the wax on so Leanne could wax my eyebrows. I really needed them done. Leanne, Maci, and I counted her shopkins. She has over 500 shopkins! She loves to play with them and separate them. She is getting so big though, and she is starting to be a little adult and knows a bit too much about the drama that goes on in Leanne’s circle, which is not a good thing.

When I left the shop, it was around 3pm. I have to go home and make dinner. I am not even sure what I am going to make. Drew texted me and told me that he was busy today, and may have to do some documentation when he gets home. I said that is okay because I don’t really have a dinner plan anyway. The bachelor is on tonight. I am going to watch that. I can’t wait to hear about Pitt’s social work department.

When Drew got home, he didn’t have to do documentation, which meant I get him all to myself, however, I didn’t have any dinner ready. I wasn’t home all day, so we threw some French bread pizza in the toaster oven, and that was going to have to do it.

After dinner, we watched the Bachelor. It was hometowns. No power in the world will make me stop watching this show. I love it. No matter how similar all the seasons are, I still will always watch this show. Drew finds it so predictable and says nothing exciting ever happens. They pump you up to think something exciting happens, but it never does. After the Bachelor, we went to bed.

Gym & Britney Ever After

Today we had a really nice breakfast, then we went to the gym. I did the treadmill, and the elliptical, then I went home. I wasn’t feeling it. I had my mind on so many other things right now. When Drew got home, I changed the sheets and made dinner. I was feeling kind of moody. We talked about it, and he understood and helped me through it. I am so damn blessed to have him. I did some laundry, took the garbage out, got the mail, and we got ready to just hang out and watch the lifetime movie, Britney: Ever After.

Image result for britney ever after

The movie was horrible. They made Britney look like a crazy person. She is not a crazy person. She pretty much grew up in the limelight and had so many people around her, who were probably not good people. I hated the way they portrayed her. The actress looks nothing like Britney. Justin is portrayed as a slimeball. This movie was tasteless. I can see why Britney didn’t endorse it. After the movie, we went to bed. Another week of hanging out in the house, but tomorrow I get to see Leanne and Maci.