Second Interview Scheduled/Z: The Beginning of Everything

Today, I cleaned the shower, the bathroom upstairs, changed the sheets, did some laundry, and refreshed my e-mail. I did finally get that confirmation e-mail from the engineering department. I interview with University of Pittsburgh’s Engineering department on Friday at 9am. I am so excited. It was a very boring day around here. Also, I finish watching the show Z: The Beginning of Everything. I loved it. I absolutely love Fitzgerald, and his wife Zelda.

This evening, I am waiting for Drew to come home from work. We talked about going to the gym, so I am dressed to go. I am excited to get back at it. I have been away from the gym for a while, since I was sick. We’ll see. When Drew came home, we decided not to go to the gym. He was tired, from yesterday. I don’t blame him. I was dressed to go to the gym though. Oh well, we will go tomorrow. We ate the BBQ chicken that I made in case he would be hungry when we got back from the gym.

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