Second Interview at the University of Pittsburgh

Today, he woke up and was so exhausted, partly because of me. I had to get up after he got out of the shower. I needed to get ready for my interview. I had to leave the house at about 6:50am. I needed to be in Oakland by 8am. I was so excited for my interview at the University with the engineering department. I was feeling so much better today, but I couldn’t tell that it took a toll on Drew. I felt bad. I wanted us to have a great evening tonight since I was finally able to drink a beer again since being off the steroids.

The interview went great. I feel confident about the position. It took me a minute to find the building, but once I was in there and I was able to relax and get prepared. Once the interview started, they went through my resume with me, asking questions along the way as I explained myself and my accomplishments. They said they were looking to fill the position as soon as possible, but I knew what that meant in their terms. I was overwhelmed with how they were explaining the position, because I knew they have to take into consideration the learning curve and how I would be new in this position, but once I was on the tour of the department with the Undergraduate Administrator and the Research Administrator I felt more confident in the position, and what they were looking for out of me.
After I left the interview, I made my way to the bus stop. Once I got back to Crafton I stopped at my parents to see my dogs. I told my dad how everything went and I texted Drew and updated him. He was glad all went well. I left the house around 3pm and picked up some beer for tonight. Drew told me he wasn’t feeling too well, and I was afraid our night was going to be a bust. I was looking forward to this night all week. I was hoping it would go as I planned.

When Drew got home, I had a drink for him poured and the living room ready for our blanket party, that we typically have on Friday nights, but he wasn’t having it. He just wanted to go up and go to bed. I was disappointed. I wanted this night to go differently, but I did feel bad that he wasn’t feeling too well.  I turned on a movie and at 8pm.

Then I went upstairs to see if he wanted to get up. I got into bed with him and held me. I apologized and so did he. We snuggled until the pizza got here. When the pizza came, it was lukewarm and there was a little bug in the salad. We didn’t let it go to waste. It was still good. After we ate pizza, we watched Taboo and relaxed. Then it was time for bed. We had better nights, but it ended well.

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