Grandma’s Birthday

Today, I woke up to a call from the University of Pittsburgh. I recognized the number. When I went to answer it, it was too late. I thought for sure it was a mistake, or I missed the call with an offer from the Theatre Arts department or something crazy. Well, I got a voicemail, and it was another department calling me to interview for the administrative assistant position that I had applied for a while ago. This will be my third interview with this particular university. We set it up originally for Wednesday at 2pm. I was so excited I get to go back to Oakland!  After that phone call, I got up and got some coffee. I called my mom and texted Drew. They were both excited. Three times the charm? We shall see.

I had to call my dentist and change my cleaning, because of my interview, and she rescheduled me on the 24th of February. My crown is getting done on March 2nd unless they call me back. While I was watching Dawson’s Creek, I got a phone call from the department, she wanted to reschedule my interview for Thursday due to the fact that a faculty member, who would like to be in on the interview was teaching on Wednesday. I said, “not a problem.” She said, “thank you for being so agreeable.” I said, “No problem, I really want to work at the University of Pittsburgh, so I am more than happy to accommodate.” She said, “Well I hope this helps because you were the top candidate when they pulled the applications.” I said, “Really?” she said, “Yes.” I said, “That is great news!”

Then I called my Dentist again, and they gave my old appointment away but were able to squeeze me in for a cleaning tomorrow. I felt crazy! Thankfully, I can get it done earlier.  I feel like something is going to happen here. I am not sure. I want to get all that I can do now before an offer comes through.

When Drew gets home, we are going to his Grandma’s place to celebrate her birthday. I am excited to see her. We haven’t seen her since Christmas! I have to go get a card and a gift card. I had a good time at Grandma’s birthday party. Aunt Paula and Uncle Tom were not there they were in Universal, Florida. We had pizza and birthday cake. Drew met us there when he got home. He was running late after work. We left around 8pm he had to go home and run some reports before we went to bed. When we got home, I watched the Bachelor while he ran some reports. It was a nice evening.

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