Snowstorm & Interview Prep

Today, I woke up with a headache, and a little bit of a neck ache. I think I slept on my neck wrong, and I am pretty sure I am stressed. I am not sure about this interview. I don’t want to be asked to demonstrate my knowledge of VLOOKUP in front of everyone at the interview. Because, I think I will fail. I would be more comfortable doing it after I got the position. I am so stressed about tomorrow.

After I had coffee and breakfast, I practiced the rest of the Excel functions that they would want the candidate to possess. I hate excel it is the math of Microsoft office. I am happy Andrew tried to help me, but this data is not relevant and it kinda is not sinking in, or helping me practice. When Dawson’s creek came on, I stopped practicing and enjoyed my Dawson time.
After Dawson’s Creek, I called my mom and had a break down. I wanted to have a job by their wedding. I wanted to celebrate my new beginning as well, but I don’t think that is going to happen. I am just so stressed. I want to do well at this interview tomorrow since they said, I am the “top” candidate based on my resume. I just hope it all goes well.

When I got off the phone with my mom, I went and grabbed a shower. I needed to run to Giant Eagle and grab a Valentine’s Day card for Andrew and get money on my bus pass. On the way home, I called Andrew really quick and asked if I could get gas since it is supposed to be cold and snowy tomorrow. He said, I could definitely do that. I got gas, and then went home. I ate some buffalo chicken dip for lunch, and now I am typing up this entry and watching Dr. Phil. I think I am ready for tomorrow. I am nervous for so many things; the snowy weather, the interview, and their questions. I am not sure how to feel about VLOOKUP. I hope I can get through this successfully. I am also waiting for a call from the Engineering Department. I applied for a job with the American Heart Association. It sounds like something I would love to do, especially plan their Heart Ball.

This evening, I am hoping for a relaxing evening with Andrew. I am excited for this weekend. It will be a pleasant distraction from all that is going on right now with this job situation. I decided to head to my parents. We were expected to get 3-6 inches of snow, and I didn’t want to chance me wrecking on the way to the bus stop. I made dinner for Drew and I, then I got packed up and it was really starting to come down. Drew helped me clean off my car, and then I was on my way to my parents. Drew was staying in and watching Iron Man and Captain America. When I got to my parents, my puppies were so happy to see me. I was so glad to see them. Paris was so excited. I couldn’t wait to snuggle them. When it was time for me to go to bed, I couldn’t sleep. It was 11:30PM. I was up looking out of my window. There were cars stuck on Steuben Street. I was interested in what was happening outside. I can’t believe people actually try to drive in this type of weather. I finally went to bed shortly after that.

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