Interview #3

When I woke up, the street seemed clear, but there was a lot of snow along the sidewalk and in the yard. When my dad came home, he cleared the driveway for me and cleaned off my car for me. Drew texted me to make sure that I allow myself some time to clean off my car. I said I think my dad is doing it for me. I am well taken care of that’s for sure. I got a shower and got dressed. I am not sure how this is going to go. I am not really all that nervous I just want to get it over with.
When I left the house and drove to the Crafton stop. The roads were perfect, a little slushy, but I was better off in Crafton, then being out in Moon. Drew texted me good luck. I was happy to see that text, and I couldn’t wait to get down to Oakland. When I got downtown, the sidewalks were so slushy. What the hell are my tax dollars going to?
When I finally got down to Oakland, I could smell the nasty Oakland air. It always smells like shit, right at the stop where the Porch is. I went to the Porch to see Tila. She gave me a free coffee and wished me good luck on my interview. She hopes I get the position that I want the most. I will probably be there every morning if I were to get this position.

When I walked into the Cathedral, I saw my police officer, he gave me a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. He wished me good luck and is praying for me. I think he likes me a little more than he should, but I am keeping him at a distance. When I got up to the 7th floor, Drew was in the bathroom, and I changed my shoes at his desk, and finished my coffee, while he was in the bathroom. He came around the corner, and saw me at his cubicle, and smiled. I got up and kissed him, so he could sit down at his desk. We chatted for a bit, and then I was on my way to my interview. I stopped by Emily’s office, but she wasn’t there and neither was Amy. I think the snow was holding people up.
When I arrived on the 20th floor, I noticed there just offices of the faculty members for the department, it wasn’t the actual floor I was supposed to be on. I went to the 19th floor and went to the restroom. I figured I would hang out there, maybe try and use the restroom, call my mom, kill some time, and then figure out where I am supposed to be. I swear she said 20th floor. When I looked up the woman, that I spoke with on the phone prior to today, her address was 2117, or something with a 21 in front of it, and that means she is on the 21st floor. I called her when I got out of the restroom, and she said she was on the 21st floor. I figured we’ll go up and see if they can take me early, theatre arts did, but that didn’t turn out so well.
When I arrived on the 21st floor, the woman greets me and told me to come back 10 minutes until 10am. I said, alright sounds good. I went back down to the basement of the cathedral and ate my pop tart, then it was time to go back up to the 21st floor. I was concerned I wasn’t going to get an elevator in time, but I did. When I went back up to the 21st floor, she showed me into her conference room, where I met the members of the department. The interview went so well. I felt very confident about leaving there. When I went back down to the 7th floor to Andrew’s cube, he was happy to hear that all went well. I changed my shoes, and put my coat on. I told him a little about the interview, and he was glad all went well. I decided to go visit the music department.
When I arrived to the Music Department, Paula was surprised to see me. She gave me a big hug, and we went into the main office, and I said hi to Matt, and the new work-study Kyle. After conversing with them for a bit, Frank came in the Main Office. He told me to go away, and asked why I keep coming back? Paula said no we like when she comes to visit we miss her! I just laughed. Frank is harmless and doesn’t bother me one bit.

After talking with them for a bit, I went to go see Phil, and he said that he put his shoes on for nothing! He put his shoes on to come to the main office to see me. We went back into his office and chatted about the interview. He asked how was social work? I said, Social. He laughed. I think Phil has a certain type of humor, and I get it. Frank came in as we were talking and somehow the conversation turned political, and it got a bit intense, but Phil just smiled at me. He knows we agree to disagree, and that is the beauty of AMERICA! I had to go to Frank’s office to get the e-mail addresses of the people that I met with today, so I could do thank you notes. Whew! Frank told me about his guy stories, and how his love life is a disaster. I love hearing stories of people’s love lives.
After I left the music department, I said goodbye to Frank, Phil, Paula, and Matt then it was on my way to the bus. I was in no hurry to get home, but home I went. When I got home, I ate lunch and then I took an hour-long nap. I woke up with indigestion, but then it was time to get ready to go to the gym, and for Drew to come home.

When Drew came home, we went to the gym. I had to go hard since I took a nap. I had some energy to burn off. It was a slow and easy night at the gym. I don’t think it was that busy. After our workout, we came home and he cleaned off my car for me, and then we watched little television, and it was off to bed for us.

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