Lunch with my Parents, and the University called

This morning, I woke up around 9:15AM. I got a shower, got dressed, made some coffee, and watched a little bit of the movie the Neighbors and I laughed my ass off. I realized it was 11:15AM and I am missing Dawson’s Creek. I turned it on for a bit before I left the house. I watched it until 11:40AM, then it was time for me to go meet my parents for lunch.
When I arrived at Neville Island, I saw my parents were there yet, so I drove into my mom’s work parking lot, and I saw her getting into the car with my dad, so I pulled up in front of them, and rolled down the window. My mom told me to park my car and we will all go together in their car. They were surprised to see me. I did just that.
When we got to Sculler’s, it looked like business was booming! I was glad to see the workers of the plant there, and some families. It is typically always just my mom and I in the dining area. I remember when the restaurant was called Rocky’s Lounge.  It was so crazy in there at lunchtime. The people who worked at the various plants used to be there, and it was well lit, and it was so busy. Now, most of the plants are closed, and the times of change a bit, but it’s something I will remember going with my mom.

While we were at lunch, my phone rang the number was the University of Pittsburgh number. I could just tell by the number. I was hoping it was an offer. I thought it was entirely too soon to be an offer from the Department.

When I picked up, it was the woman from the department. She wanted me to come in for a second interview next Friday the 17th at 2pm. I would be meeting with the Dean. I was so excited! I said, Yes, of course, I am available. I am honored. I told her I was out to lunch with my parents. My mom gave me a pen, and I wrote down on a napkin the details of the interview.
When I got off the phone with her, I told my parents the news and they were so excited for me. My mom was excited and said I feel bad you have to wait another week. I said, hey it’s the next step that is a good sign they got back to me so soon. I am excited to go back to Oakland. My mom said, now you relax and enjoy the weekend. I was hoping to have all this figured out by their wedding which is tomorrow, but that is not going to happen, but this is better than nothing at all, and I am super excited. I am looking forward to a new beginning! I called Drew and he was excited for me. I texted Andrew’s mom and she tried calling me, but I told her I was out to lunch with my parents and that I would call her back once I got home.
After lunch, I went to the grocery store and picked up an avocado, beer, and coffee. It was a weird combo. I called Andrew’s mom back, as I was driving through Coraopolis. She was glad to hear the news about my second interview. She even offered to get me a business suit. She told Drew and me to go out on Sunday to Boscov’s in Beaver Valley Mall and look for a business suit. She said, if you find one, then charge it, and I will give you the money in cash to reimburse you. I was so thankful. I do have a business suit, but it is small and grey. I don’t think I fit into it right now. I could try it but I doubt it. I am going to try to find a blue one, or a grey one. I have too much black.
When I got home, I unloaded the groceries, put the beer in the fridge, and then did my nails for tomorrow. I threw in some laundry, and now I am cooking dinner waiting for Drew to come home.

When Drew came home, we ate dinner and celebrated with some beers. We toasted to the weekend, and to my second interview at The University of Pittsburgh’s Social Work Department! After dinner, we watched Taboo, then it was off to bed.

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