Errands and Irritated

Today, I had to go take my pants to the seamstress she opened at 2:30pm, but I left the house around 1pm. I wanted to see my dogs. When I got to my parents’, my dad was a sleep in his chair, and the dogs came running into the kitchen to greet me. Paris was on her hind legs, trying to get me to notice her, and Louie with his little sleepy face had a toy in his mouth for me. It was so cute.

Around 2pm, my dad had to go to his RCIA meeting, and I left the house around 2:15pm to go to the seamstress. When I got down to the West End, it was 2:30pm, and she still wasn’t open, so I waited for a while in my car. I called her shop phone, and the photographer who owns the business that is upstairs in her building said that she wouldn’t be there until 4:30pm. I had to meet Andrew’s mom at 4:30pm at the rehab place in Robinson. I was meeting her before her physical therapy appointment. She had vitamins and a check for us. She wanted to buy my business suit. She said she might be able to hem the pants for me. I brought them in with me along with my heels, in case I had to put them on.

When I arrived at the physical therapy place, I met up with her, she said that it is best if I take them to the seamstress. She wanted me to call them to see if she would even be able to have them done by Thursday. She said, what time was she due in today? I said, 4:30pm, but I had to meet you at 5pm, so I didn’t want to get stuck down there and not be able to meet you. She told me to call her and see if she could have them done by Thursday.

When I called, Carol the seamstress answered, I told her who I was and what I needed to be done, and she said she would have them done by Thursday. I said, Great I will bring them down now.  When I got off the phone with Carol, I told mom that I had to go, because she is there now and can do them if I bring them down today. She said, “Okay I am glad she will be able to get them done for you.” She handed me the little baggy of vitamins and the check for the business suit. His dad gave me $5 dollars towards the cost of the suit to get hemmed up. I felt so bad. We are so strapped right now. I am trying so hard.

When I finally arrived at the seamstress, I didn’t want to be down at the West End when it was getting dark outside, but she pinned up where the hem should be and said she would have them done tomorrow. I gave her my number, and she started talking to me about her cable being shut off, and how much trouble she was having with Comcast! I just wanted to get home to Drew.

When I got home, Drew was home and it was a little after 6pm. I thought to myself he is going to have that storm door locked I just know it. He does it every time I try to get home and he is home already. Well, I rang the doorbell a few times, and when he answered he said, “No thank you, we have Verizon.” I said, “Open the damn door.” I about had it today. When he opened the door, I exploded. He laughed the entire time and told me he was getting turned on. I said, “Oh my God!”

That evening, when I calmed down, we ate dinner and relaxed for the rest of the evening. I hung out with him while he tried to pour baking soda, vinegar, and water down the bathroom sink to unclog the drain. He asked me if I could pick up some draino tomorrow just in case. After trying to fix the sink, we got ready to watch the bachelor, then it was bedtime.

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