Inspirational Day

Today, Drew was going to go to the Chiropractor, and I was going to lunch with my mom. I left the house at 11:30am to meet my mom. When I got to Rockefeller’s, I was the first one there, I was seated in a booth by the window, and waited for my mom. When my mom got there, I gave her a hug. I was happy to see her.

During lunch, a man sat in the booth behind my mom and was waiting for someone to meet him. Well that someone was Tim. He was a boy I went to high school with, and I remember us being friends for the most part. He was always there for me. During our senior year I was strung out over Bryan and he was there for me, he got in Bryan’s face and told him to leave me alone. Tim confided in me during our senior prom, while we were dancing, that he wanted to date me, and that he really liked me. He just knew I wouldn’t go for him. I felt awkward. I was so shallow back then, and I came along way. I think part of me knew we just weren’t going to work anyways.

When he sat down across from the man in the booth behind my mom, I got up and talked to him. He was happy to see me, and gave me a hug. He introduced me to his pastor. I said, “Oh wow, nice to meet you.” I shook his hand, but wow his pastor. I went back to the booth and took a seat across from my mother. I filled her in and reminded her who he was, and about how he was there for me during high school, and now he is super Christian. I never thought he would be super Christian. I don’t know people change. I think over time people can definitely change, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

After lunch, I went home and I did bring home my lunch. I couldn’t eat it all. It was so huge. I got a calzone, but my eyes were bigger than my tummy. After while Drew came home from the Chiropractor, and told him about Tim, and I let Drew he the rest of my calzone. I texted Melissa and told her about how I saw Tim. During our conversation, Melissa said, “I know this may be out of the blue, but I just wanted to say Thank You.” She told me that she is grateful that I told her that I used to go to therapy, and it gave her the strength to go, she made two appointments and cancelled them both. I can’t explain how I felt. I was extremely touched. I felt like I was an inspiration. I remember being so apprehensive about therapy, and never wanting to be that girl who goes to therapy, but I can really say that it did help, and it did work. I am so glad I could be there for her, and that fact that I was strong for myself, lead to being stronger for someone else. I can’t explain it. I was so touched. My mom said, it is as if I have a light in me, and it is a light for other people to be inspired by. Drew told me he was so proud of me, and happy for me.

Bottom Line; my life is so beautiful, so damn beautiful. I sometimes don’t always see how beautiful it actually is. Yes, I am going through a rough time right now with this employment situation, but to be light for someone, to be an inspiration to someone is such an amazing feeling. I dedicate this blog entry to her, my friend Melissa, who has always been such a strong and amazing woman, even from the moment we became friends. She was always so strong, and so much older mentally and emotionally. Melissa, you are an inspiration to me as well. Don’t ever be afraid to seek out help with getting out of your own head, be open to a different way of thinking things through. Strong people are the ones that seek the counsel. The weak continue down the same path that never works for them time and time again.

Author: Boujee On a Budget

Hello there, welcome to my blog! My name is Danielle. I am a daughter, a writer, a wife, a lover of literature, and music. Britney Spears is my girl crush. Paris, France is my favorite place on earth. Fitzgerald is my favorite author. Kate Spade is my favorite designer. I have been called high maintenance, "boujee", "someone, who has champagne taste on a beer wallet", etc. You know what I am boujee and I am embracing it, but there is no denying that I am on a budget.

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