Second Interview

This morning, I woke up at 9am. I got a shower, and then watched one episode of Dawson’s Creek. I got dressed, and then left the house. I made it to the bus stop at 11:30am. I had my second interview with the Dean. My interview as at 2pm. I wanted to be down there in Oakland at 1:00pm, which means I had to catch the bus at 12pm. I was happy to be riding the bus again and going somewhere.

When I got down to Oakland, I went to the Starbucks on Fifth Ave, and got a grande macchiato, and a muffin. Drew told me that he was busy with Leroy and couldn’t really BS with me at the moment, if I were to go up there now, so I went to the cathedral, used the restroom, then went to the café and drank my Starbucks and ate my muffin, then I went up to see him on the 7thfloor.

When I stepped off the elevator, I walked over to Drew’s cubicle, and he was sitting with his back to the walkway, so I came up behind him and kissed his cheek. He turned around and smiled, and greeted me. I could tell that he was bit busy, so I quickly changed my shoes, and I went to find a pin to try to fix my blouse. Bobbi Jo, his co-worker, said just to leave it open. She was joking, but it was bit baggy at the top. Chad, told me where the sewing kit was, and there was a safety pin in there. I tried to pin it myself, but then Wanda tried to pin it again, but it wasn’t working, but my pin job was going to have to work for now. I kissed Drew goodbye, and went to the 4th floor to see if Amy and or Emily was in so I could get some pointers for my second interview. I didn’t feel prepared for it. Well Amy and Emily, were not there, so I went up to the 21st floor, and sat on the bench outside of the department entrance.

As I was sitting on the bench, Anthony called me. I told him I was going to have to call him back. I was getting ready to walk into interview. When I got off the phone with him, a faculty member came out into the hallway, and shook my hand. He told me that it was great to see me. I meet him once before during my first interview. He said that the Dean was going to be the one to interview me today, and wished me luck. It was a good sign.
When I went into the department office, I starting talking to the receptionist.

After a while, the Dean came out and greeted me, and we went into his office. I handed him a copy of my resume, as we sat down. He picked up and didn’t really read it. He said, what do you want to tell me about this? I am used to being asked a more involved question. I told him about my work history in the temp pool at the University, my time in the jazz office, the jazz seminar and concert, and my time with Katz. I showed him the jazz program, and the manual I created for Katz. He seemed impressed. Upon leaving the interview, he told me that he would call me in two weeks and let me know since she isn’t retiring until sometime in March, but she is going to train me.

After the interview, I went up to Drew’s floor and changed my shoes again, and then I told him how it went, and they said they would get back to me in two weeks, but I doubt it will be two weeks, I am thinking a week. I really want this position. I would do really well in this department.

After saying goodbye to Drew, I went to the bus stop and was on my way home.When I got home, I got changed out of my interview clothes, and made some dinner and couldn’t wait to start the weekend. I just want to hear back from them so badly!

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