Dinner & Lego Batman

Today, we went to the chiropractor, and got adjusted, then we went grocery shopping, then home and cleaned the house for a bit, but we were itching to get out. We couldn’t wait to get out and go on our date, it was so nice out.

When we left the house, we went to Longhorn around 5:30pm. We figured we would get there early. We sat at the bar. It was going to be 45-60mins wait time. While were at the bar, an older couple walked in, that Drew knows, their sons went to high school with us. Their younger son was in my class, and the older son was in Drew’s class. I remember not saying too much to their sons, but Drew pretty much grew up with Nick. We chatted with the couple for awhile, and we just decided to eat at the bar, instead of waiting for table.

When it was time to get our check, the bartender handed us the folder, that the tab comes in, and there as a note from the older couple, that said, “Have a Great Night.” We looked down the bar at them and smiled. We were so shocked they picked up our whole tab! It was so fun and nice of them. When we were leaving, we said goodbye, and she gave me her number and told us that we should hang out with them sometime.

After dinner, we were kind of tipsy, but we had some time to kill before the movie. We went to Barnes and noble. We browsed the books, and then we went to Cinemark to catch our movie. It was the Lego Batman movie. When we got to the theater, we got popcorn and a drink. We were the only ones in the theater for this movie that were there a little earlier, so we had our choice of seats.

After a while, the theater filled up a bit. The movie was so cute. We had a good time, but I think we were ready to go home and go to bed.

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