Gym & Britney Ever After

Today we had a really nice breakfast, then we went to the gym. I did the treadmill, and the elliptical, then I went home. I wasn’t feeling it. I had my mind on so many other things right now. When Drew got home, I changed the sheets, and made dinner. I was feeling kind of moody. We talked about it, and he understood and helped me through it. I am so damn blessed to have him. I did some laundry, took the garbage out, got the mail, and we got ready to just hang out and watch the lifetime movie, Britney: Ever After.

Image result for britney ever after

The movie was horrible. They made Britney look like a crazy person. She is not a crazy person. She pretty much grew up in the limelight, and had so many people around her, who were probably not good people. I hated the way they portrayed her. The actress looks nothing like Britney. Justin is portrayed as a slime ball. This movie was tasteless. I can see why Britney didn’t endorse it. After the movie, we went to bed. Another week of hanging out in the house, but tomorrow I get to see Leanne and Maci.

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